Zebra’s TC8300—Add One More Hour of Productivity Per Worker, Per Shift

Zebra’s TC8300 Touch Computer

Revolutionary Design for Revolutionary Productivity

Add One More Hour of Productivity Per Worker, Per Shift

Zebra took the TC8000—the world’s most revolutionary enterprise touch computer design—and made it better.  The next generation TC8300 delivers the same innovative, ergonomic design that minimizes motion and delivers a 14% boost in worker productivity, while adding a faster processor, more standard memory, a more recent version of Android, and more flexibility.

Released with the Android O platform for business, the TC8300 simplifies every aspect of deploying Android in your warehouse, including OS migration, security and control over Google Mobile Services.  With LifeGuardTM for Android, you get the security updates you need to keep your Zebra Android devices secure every day, along with easy end-to-end control of the OS update process—plus guaranteed support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q) to extend device lifecycles.

Increased processing power and memory will give your workers the lightning-fast application performance they expect.  With longer range and speeds for both WiFi and Bluetooth, workers will have the fastest and most dependable wireless and peripheral connections while using less power for longer battery life.  Comprehensive data capture options let you capture it all:  barcodes, direct part marks, entire forms and more.

TC8300 right angle

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See the TC8300 in action:

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  • More memory with a faster processor  — up to 4X the standard RAM and 8X Flash in a 2.2 GHz/octa-core (Qualcomm SD660 Snapdragon chip set)

  • Configured with Android O with support through Android Q

  • New DPM scan engine option — capture the most challenging direct part marks

  • Rugged Corning™ Gorilla™ Glass with a 5 touch panel for increased drop and impact resistance

  • Higher capacity 7000 mAh PowerPrecision+ battery — 2X the run time on a single charge with a 5000mAh freezer-rated battery option

  • Increased WiFi range, speed and security with MU-MIMO, 802.11ac/w

Award-Winning Form Factor Increases Productivity, Reduces Fatigue

tc8300 front facing

Productivity.  Comfort.  Ease of Use.  The Next Evolution in Warehouse Mobility.

tc3800 advanced screen

Android Oreo for Instant Familiarity

With LifeGuard™ for Android, your devices are secure every day they are in service and you’re always in control of the update process.  Plus you get support for the next two versions of Android (P and Q).

  • Your workers already know how to interact with Android devices
  • Enables the highly-graphical and interactive apps that today’s workers expect

Easy Migration from Windows to Android—No Disruptions to Your Everyday Business Processes

  • Run your TE apps right out of the box
  • All-Touch TE turns green-screens into intuitive touch-centric screens
  • No need to modify your back end or existing workflows
TC8300 All Touch TE

All-Touch TE in Action

tc8300 all touch te

Advanced Touch Screen Technology

Industry leading dual mode 4 inch touch panel delivers maximum data entry flexibility

  • Multi-touch support enables familiar interactions like pinch-and-zoom
  • Interact with apps by finger, stylus or gloved finger
  • No need to modify your back end or existing workflows
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