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Zebra’s DS3600 Scanners
Superior Scanning Performance, and Unrivaled Manageability

Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners
Zebra’s DS3600-series

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Unstoppable Performance For The Toughest Industrial Environments

The Zebra DS3600 ultra-rugged barcode scanners redefine what it means to be rugged. In manufacturing plants, warehouse isles, outdoor yards, the success of your business relies heavily on the barcode scanners in the hands of your workers. Warehouses and manufacturers need technology that can be counted on, every minute of the day. Wait times between scans, barcodes that can’t be read and downtime when a scanner fails creates unacceptable delays. Every minute lost reduces productivity, impacting labor costs, order delivery times, profitability, service levels and sales. The quality of your product and your ability to deliver products to the right destination on-time is dependent upon the fast and accurate capture of many barcodes throughout the day.

Zebra’s DS3600 scanners are ultra-rugged high-performance barcode scanners designed to operate in the harshest industrial environments, from blazing heat to sub-zero temperatures. A dependable productivity tool that performs mission critical tasks while withstanding multiple drops to a concrete floors, exposure to dirt, dust, grease and grime, and water without being compromised.

A New Class of Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners Built to Deliver Unstoppable Performance

Zebra DS3678 Ultra Rugged Scanner
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30% Farther Scanning Range Than Any Competitors Scanners

Zebra DS3608 Ultra-rugged barcode scanner

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