Production Tracking Software for Manufacturing Work-In-Process Visibility

WIP Solutions Provide Accurate Material Tracking and Traceability.

Work-in-Process (WIP) software from Inovity brings full production tracking and product traceability to small- and medium-sized manufacturing operations.

A well-implemented WIP system provides real-time visibility into production processes, work orders, job status, scrap/rework, equipment, labor, customer orders, finished-goods tracking and more.  Manufacturers can improve productivity and efficiency by automating the data at each production step and eliminating manual data-entry errors.


How Can WIP Software Help Your Manufacturing Processes?

  • Track receipt of inbound raw materials and know with pinpoint accuracy how much is used in each stage of production
  • Monitor the flow of materials into and out of each job cell and know precisely where an order is in production—no more running out to the shop floor to check job status when a customer calls
  • Manage time, materials and labor on every job
  • Get instant information about materials used and their locations in the event of a raw material recall
  • Stop production immediately before contaminated products are finished or shipped
  • Track finished goods for put-away or shipping with complete traceability for any compliance requirements, from lot to item-level
  • Exchange data automatically with virtually any ERP, MRP, Accounting or Process Control system
  • Eliminate manual data entry errors
  • Eliminate guessing how much jobs really cost
  • Browser-based for simplified integration—no servers needed!
  • Flexible and configurable for your business
  • Complex functionality at lower price points than competing software

Barcode Systems for Manufacturing Work-in-Process

Inovity’s Work-in-Process (WIP) solutions combine highly-functional WIP software with the right barcode systems for complete data capture and automation.  Barcode and/or RFID printers/encoders, data capture devices such as barcode scanners, mobile computers or fixed readers, and a well-designed wired and wireless network connect your workers, workstations and processes in real time.  Seamless integration of production areas to your back-end business systems provide measurable gains in productivity and true visibility into all manufacturing costs.

Improve your manufacturing operation with a WIP solution that allows full traceability of time and materials, work-order management and finished goods tracking from production to inventory to shipping while meeting full regulatory compliance.

Work-in-Process (WIP) software—combined with the right barcode labeling and data capture devices—can automatically exchange data with a broad range of ERP or accounting systems, along with quality control, process control and test systems.  Our intelligent solution provides improvements for your manufacturing operation with measurable ROI, allowing you to track time and materials, manage work-orders and track finished products from production to inventory, through picking and kitting, to shipping.

WIP tracking software can connect your business systems to each production area in your factory or warehouse, giving you measurable gains in productivity and real-time visibility of order status and manufacturing costs.

Simplify Manufacturing Operations With Work-In-Process Software

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Simplify Manufacturing Operations With Work-In-Process Software

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