Webinar: Managing & Supporting Mobile Devices while keeping your staff safe
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UV Light Sanitizers Disinfect Kiosks, Mobile Devices and MoreUV Clean Solutions

Reduce the Spread of Viruses on High-Touch Equipment

Keeping equipment clean and sanitized is top of mind for businesses today, especially those using shared touchscreens and mobile devices.

UV Light Sanitizers provide UV-C light disinfection using the time-tested, proven technology of UV light.  UV-Light sanitizers perform automatic, chemical-free disinfection between use, eliminating the need for dedicated employees to manually sanitize surfaces.  Regular cleaning of high-touch, shared devices with low doses of UV-C light can help eliminate the transfer of harmful pathogens without chemicals.

Through our partner, ENS Group, Inovity offers UV-Clean light sanitizers to quickly disinfect kiosks, mobile computers, handheld scanners, tablets and other high-touch, common equipment.  Available as stand-alone units, touchscreen overlays or multi-purpose bolt-on lights, UV-Clean sanitizing stations can be used to eradicate harmful bacteria, including antibiotic resistant viruses (including Coronaviruses SARS and MERS), Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Enterococcus (VRE), as well as E. coli, difficile, Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp and Listeria spp.  Accessories for specific Zebra handheld mobile computers and other popular manufacturers’ models are available. Contact Inovity today for more information.

How UV-C Light Works

  • Eradicates harmful bacteria, including antibiotic resistant bacterias like MERS and viruses like Covid-19

  • Germicidal UV-C light is dispensed at low levels

  • Microorganisms absorb the UV-C wavelength

  • DNA of infection-causing pathogens are broken

  • Pathogens are disabled, stopping them from reproducing and spreading

  • 22” – 24” active disinfecting area range

An Automatic UV-C Light Cleaning Station for High Touch Shared Devices

Simply place your mobile devices in the steel tray and walk away. The cleaning cycle begins automatically once the device is put into the UV-Clean tray.

UV-Clean UV-C Light Cleaning Solutions
ENS UV-C UV-Light Santizer
  • Minimal assembly required, the unit is comprised of a steel try, head unit and stand
  • Ideal for smaller items
  • Convenient area to store devices for a quick and effective ultra-violet disinfection
  • Automated and customizable disinfecting cycle
  • Motion activated for safe deployment of UV-C light with internal memory and built-in audit trail
  • Concealed power cable
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UV-Clean Pay Terminal 24-PT

UVClean ENS pay term wUV light

A Universal UV-C Light Solution For Most Major Payment Devices:

  • Automated and customizable disinfecting cycle
  • Motion activated for safe deployment of UV-C light
  • 22″ to 24″ active disinfecting range
  • Internal memory and built-in audit trail
  • Internal low energy LED task light
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ENS UV24 Compatible with Touch Screens and Attached Payment Devices

The UV24 is a flexible solution designed to protect your customers and employees using touchscreens or any high touch surfaces as it can easily attach to any touch screen. With 24/7 automated disinfecting cycles of low doses of UV-C light, harmful pathogens are consistently sanitized without interrupting operations.

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ens uv 24 attachment

UV-Clean Clamp Mount: A Universal UV-C Light Cleaning Solution

ens uv CM clampmount
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Shared Workstations
  • Customer Kiosks
  • Employee Time Clocks
  • Telephones
  • Mobile Technology
  • Keyboards
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ENS uv clean clampmount

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