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Upgrade Your Zebra Mobile Computers, Choose Your OS and Future-Proof Your Business

Every day, more than 2.5 million workers rely on Zebra’s MC9200-Series mobile computers, and for good reason.  With more rugged specs than any other device in its class, the MC9200 is built for the most demanding enterprise environments, indoors or out.

One Device, Three OS OptionsWindows Embedded and Android KitKat logos

The time is drawing very near.  Support for Windows Mobile/CE is ending in 2020.  But you and your business applications still may not be ready to switch to Android yet.  With premium models of the Zebra 9200, that’s ok.

With the MC9200, you can choose between three operation systems—Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3, Windows Embedded Compact OS 7.0 or Android KitKat 4.4—and, unbelievably, that decision is never permanent!  Send your devices back to Zebra to switch operation systems, so when you’re ready to move beyond Windows, your devices will be too.

Dated Devices Cost You Time, Productivity

If you’re running an enterprise device that’s more than three years old, your workers’ productivity is severely diminished.  With the amazing 1D/2D “near/far” scan engine in the MC9200, you can use one scan engine to scan barcodes from 3 tiny inches to 70 massive feet away—60% closer and 35% farther than the competition.

Check out this video to see near/far scanning in action:

Why Upgrade to the MC9200?

✔︎  Proven & solid product platform with over 2.5 million sold!

✔︎  More processing power—run intuitive, graphics-based applications along with simpler, terminal-emulation applications

✔︎  More memory

✔︎  More operating systems and swappable operating systems

✔︎  True enterprise-class Android! Including enterprise-class security, manageability and the easy integration of device features into business applications

✔︎  Faster wireless speeds for better app performance

✔︎  Newest scanning technology improves worker productivity—8 scan engine choices!

✔︎  More data storage

✔︎  Backwards accessory compatibility for lower cost upgrades!

✔︎  Mobility DNA solutions that simplify mobility and boost device value

✔︎  Remote visibility into the health of all our devices with Inovity Cloud EMM—true, cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Management expands the reach of your IT Dept. with no in-house server setupCloud Enterprise Mobility Management by Inovity

✔︎  Flexible hosting for Windows and Android devices, whether employee- or corporate-owned

✔︎  Reduce your IT infrastructure needs and manage hundreds or thousands of devices—plus content, applications and email—through one single interface, anywhere in the world

✔︎  Manage your new Zebra mobile devices in minutes—not days, weeks or months

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The Business Case for Upgrading

ANDROID Android 4.4 KitKat logo 250px

Would you like to take advantage of all the benefits of Android?

Concerned about application compatibility, security or device management?

Looking for the ability to use an enterprise feature set?

The MC9200 is the only device in its class to include integrated features that make Android a more robust enterprise class OS.  Minimize support time and maximize worker productivity and device uptime by providing better control of mobile devices, application access and Wi-Fi performance and security.

Mobility Extensions (Mx) adds features that make Android a more robust enterprise-class OS, minimizing support time and maximizing worker productivity and device uptime by providing better control of mobile devices, application access and Wi-Fi performance and security.

WINDOWS Windows Logo - icon only 200px

Do you have Microsoft CE 5 devices (such as the MC9090) that you need to upgrade, now that Microsoft has discontinued mainstream support?

Do you have an MC9200 Premium device with Windows Embedded Handheld or CE7 that you would like to upgrade to Android?

VDC Research wrote that mobile OS selection for next generation rugged handheld deployments represents one of the major challenges for end users and enterprises. Windows has been the dominant OS for rugged mobile computing, and represents more than 80% of the market share. However, with Windows 6.1x reaching EOL in 2020 and Windows Embedded 8 Handheld not providing backward compatibility, customers are taking a cautious approach with their near-term investment decisions.

VDC believes that the rugged handheld OS market will remain in flux, with many legacy customers wanting to stick with Microsoft, while others are preparing to move to Android if needed.

The MC9200 Premium is the only rugged mobile computer on the market that can help enterprise customers prepare for this flux and OS changes — giving customers the ability to swap between Windows and Android, or Android and Windows as application and OS needs change in years to come.


Are you concerned about new devices requiring all new and costly accessories?

Are you worried your old device applications won’t work on a new device?

With the MC9200-Series mobile computers, you can cost-effectively upgrade your devices to get support for today’s more processing-intensive, elegant and intuitive applications, while still using all the same accessories you used for your MC90xx or MC9190 devices, including cradles, cables, batteries, holsters and more.

In addition, Zebra’s common platform ensures that custom applications created for the MC9090-G, MC9190 or other Zebra mobile computers can be easily ported to the MC9200 devices.

By ensuring backward compatibility, Zebra’s MC9200 lets you provide your workers with the latest features to maximize their productivity and application performance, with minimal rework of applications, no re-training users and no new accessories.  A device-only upgrade can drastically lower the high cost and complexity typically associated with a large upgrade.

Ready to Really Modernize Your Mobile Devices?

Check out some of Zebra’s newest mobile computers for superior ergonomics and consumer-esque user experiences, packaged in the most rugged enterprise devices:

Zebra TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer

Zebra TC8000 front back 200px

Gorgeous looks, groundbreaking ergonomics and designed to improve productivity by 14%

TC8000 spec sheet

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Zebra TC51/TC56 Touch Computer Series

Zebra TC51/TC56 200px

Zebra’s TC51/TC56 mobile computers deliver everything your workers want, with everything your business needs.

TC51/TC56 spec sheet

Zebra TC51/TC56 mobile computers

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Zebra TC70/TC75 Touch Computer Series

Zebra TC70/TC75 group 200px

Built for Field Service and beyond, the TC70 and TC75 mobile computers hold up to the most demanding environments

TC70 spec sheet

 TC75 spec sheet

Watch the video:


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