Give your workers robust one-to-one, site-to-site and group push-to-talk services over cellular and Wi-Fi networks

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One Device For Enterprise Class Voice, Data And Text Messaging

technologies voiceMobile business communications inside the four walls can boost productivity. When you equip your workforce with mobile voice and data communication over the wireless LAN (WLAN) and cellular network, with robust one-to-one, site-to-site and group push-to-talk services over the cellular and Wi-Fi networks using one single handheld device — your workforce is always connected to voice and data. Customers can reach critical contacts, who can in turn can communicate with engineering, manufacturing, shipping and other areas, instantly.

With the speed of modern business, organizations cannot afford to have critical communications languishing in voicemail while problems or customer frustrations escalate.  In the time it takes an associate to return to their desk to make a phone call or access a critical piece of information, the wrong product could be built, picked and shipped. In large diversified work environments, whether your worker is in the yard, on the manufacturing floor or traveling to a remote location to obtain materials, they can be available and accessible.

With  providing mobile workers inside and outside the enterprise with converged voice & data enabled devices — lets them be accessible and productive, regardless of where they are.  Read more about Converged Communications.

Continuous accessibility makes your organization more responsive and boosts productivity in ways that have a direct impact on ROI:

  • Enable free and instant communication between employees
  • Out-perform competitors by providing better service, more efficiently and at a lower overall cost
  • Improve employee availability and response times
  • Reduce costly delays
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve customer service
  • Drive faster decisions and on-the-spot action
  • Enhance worker collaboration

Voice solutions can range from a simple network supporting a few voice-only handsets for specific users, to multi-function systems that support dual-mode, WLAN and cellular enabled handsets—along with smartphones and mobile computers—with a variety of telephony, push-to-talk and data applications for all areas of your organization.

To ensure that the right mobility solution meets your specific business requirements, Inovity must understand the scope of your communications needs. We begin any project with an initial requirements assessment to determining the direction for any voice implementation. Correctly implemented, voice solutions can provide a robust, manageable and secure wireless infrastructure for both voice and data communications. The key is to choose the products that incorporate state-of-the-art architectures and designs, and the partner who can implement them in the most functional manner.

Inovity, in conjunction with Zebra Technologies, is an experienced provider of voice over WLAN integrations for your enterprise,  When you need to increase productivity, improve accessibility and allow your organization to be more efficient and responsive, contact us for the reliable voice solution that’s right for your business.