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What is EAI (Enterprise Application Integration)—and why do I need it?

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Most companies have some combination of an accounting system, a Manufacturing Resource Planning system (MRP), an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), an inventory system, and several other special departmental systems. Each application serves a very useful purpose, but most don’t share data very well, and each one has its own set of users, training, maintenance, and management issues.

Why keep your data separated from the users who need it most?  EAI, or Enterprise Application Integration, can provide your organization with a single place for everyone to go to find the data they need, when they need it.

Through EAI services from Inovity, you can:

  • Establish a single repository for all of the data used to run your business
  • Seamlessly share data between applications, in an automated, hands-off manner
  • Continue to run your existing systems and applications, without impacting performance or responsiveness

What benefits will your company enjoy by implementing an EAI solution?

  • Reduce the burden on IT to create reports, views, or other data extractions
  • Reduce the burden on IT to manage multiple systems
  • Allow management to make better-informed decisions
  • Increase flexibility to handle future enterprise changes

Because barcoding and Auto ID systems usually integrate with existing systems, Inovity can use its extensive integration experience to evaluate, design, and implement an appropriate EAI system to help you operate and manage your business more efficiently and effectively.