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“Inovity solved my problems by supplying crucial technical assistance via experienced field support. The level of expertise I have experienced has exceeded my expectations.”

-Michael Mullins, Director of Sales
Triangle Plastics

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Reliable, secure wireless solutions

Wireless technology in the enterprise is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.  In fact, the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) has made a steady progression from a “network of convenience” to the primary network, with good reason. Real-time access to information—whether in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, hospital, college campus, retail store, or out in the field—is crucial for increased productivity, improved speed of care and accelerated decision-making.  Keeping your workforce connected to each other with wireless networking solutions and back-end resources (such as databases and business applications), improves services, decreases costs and increases revenue.

As wireless becomes a mainstream technology for efficient business operations, it is more important than ever to ensure that your wireless network is reliable, secure, manageable and scalable. Yet, without the right wireless partner, you can face many challenges as you implement wireless technology:

  • My wireless network carries confidential data across it daily. How do I know it’s secure?
  • How do I manage my wireless network more efficiently?
  • How can I create a borderless office?
  • How can I connect multiple buildings across a campus using a point-to-point wireless solution, versus traditional and costly wired options?
  • Are there secure VPN solutions that will let me transmit sensitive data over a public cellular network?
  • How do I migrate my existing 802.11 a/b/g network to 802.11n?
  • Are the latest trends in WLAN and cellular networks for me?

Wireless today means creating a truly borderless enterprise; one that connects people in real-time, for full and immediate collaboration. And, new approaches to the wireless network architecture will simplify the delivery of business mobility without requiring a significant increase in IT resources to get the job done.

Whether your project involves voice, video or traditional data applications, the need for a high-speed, reliable & secure wireless solution is paramount to your company’s success.  Inovity can provide the engineering expertise to ensure your wireless project is a success. Contact us today for a free systems consultation.

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