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“We have worked with Inovity (formerly BarCode ID Systems) since 2001. They helped us develop several cross-dock and warehousing applications utilizing 2D and 1D barcode scanners. We cannot say enough about the quality and dedication of their staff in helping us fulfill our objectives.”

Tom Jugle, IT Manager
FCS Industries

Data Automation and Capture Technologies for the Data Driven Enterprise

Barcoding.  Wireless.  RFID.  These are the primary technologies behind successful data collection and management systems.  Systems which allow you to access, control, monitor and manage the day-to-day (even minute-by-minute) information that drives your business.

  • Your receiving dock just accepted a shipment of raw materials. Is the shipment accurate?
  • A container of chemicals has just been opened for use on your manufacturing line.  Are they expired?
  • You know your warehouse manager is on the floor…. somewhere.  How can you reach her?
  • Your top field technician just completed a record number of service calls.  What inventory did he use from his truck?
  • A vital piece of surgical equipment is missing.  Where is it?

By implementing a complete data management system, you can keep better control of ALL information critical to your business.  Gain a real-time view of your materials, your products, and your people.  Transmit vital data instantaneously to and from your host systems.  Give your workers immediate access to information, whether they’re inside the building our out in the field.Inovity is a technology expert.  Our proven solutions will make your business more efficient, more accurate, and more profitable.  What technology is best for your business?  Data management systems are not cookie-cutter solutions.  You need a system that works with your specific operational needs—a solution that fits you and your business.

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