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Work-In-Process (WIP) software solutions keeps track of all your elements in production from receiving raw materials to pack and shipping finished product.
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Work-in-Process Solutions (WIP) Provide Full Visibility into Manufacturing Operations

Improve Productivity, Eliminate Waste

Work-in-process solutions provide real-time information about manufacturing processes such as raw materials inventory, production and process flows, and finished-goods inventory.  Knowing the location of all raw materials that go into production is essential for any efficient manufacturing operation. Productivity suffers when work cells are waiting on materials, supplies are out of stock or workers can’t find what they need to move production forward.

Work-in-Process solutions give managers, supervisors and staff an immediate view into manufacturing workflows so they will know exactly where each work order is in the production process. Combined with real-time barcode and/or RFID data capture systems, a WIP solution can not only confirm the presence of production materials in your facility, but can pinpoint their exact location, then queue or retrieve for immediate use when needed. No searching for items in your warehouse; no wasting valuable employee time hunting down the right materials; no more paper forms, manual keyboard data entry or spreadsheets. Contact us today for a complimentary work-in-process systems consultation.

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Valuable and Immediate Visibility of Every Work Order

By capturing data at the beginning and end of each step, you can see valuable information about any job, such as who is working it, how long each stage is taking and the status of the order throughout manufacture. Real-time data transmissions using a wireless network can be seen instantaneously on any authorized mobile computer, phone, tablet or stationary computer. Work-in-Process software can be hosted locally in the manufacturing facility, at a remote data center or in the Cloud.

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Inovity offers powerful modular Work-in-Process tracking software with partner and WIP software developer, BellHawk Systems Corp. This advanced software solution provides measurable improvements for your manufacturing operation. Contact us now to learn more or request a free Work-in-Process consultation.

By implementing a Work-in-Process (WIP) solution, manufacturers can dramatically increase productivity, lower costs and get finished goods off their lines and into the supply chain, quickly and accurately. Request a free Work-in-Process consultation.

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Real-Time Benefits With Views Into Production

  • Replaces paper forms and manual keyboard data entry preventing mistakes by providing point-of-actions warnings when the wrong materials are about to be used for a work order operation and production lines

  • Automation of data capture of raw material inventory movement from the point of receiving through the production process to packing and shipping finished product

  • Tracking of raw materials usage for work orders, batches, production processes, and personnel

  • Provides a real-time view of status of customer orders and jobs

  • Real-time and accurate detailed costing of manufacturing operations

  • Provides end-to-end raw materials tracking and traceability

  • Real-time access to find the source of defects minimizing recall costs

  • Improves on-time order shipping

Know Where.

Know When.

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