Voice solutions for the enterprise on your mobile computers over VoIP or enterprise or 4g/LTE.

Hardware for the Data-Driven Enterprise:

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Voice & Data Integration keep your mobile workers connected

In modern, responsive organizations, business is done on the move. Resolving problems and responding to customer requests efficiently means that associates be able to move about freely and collaborate on a moment’s notice, yet still be available to customers and co-workers. Interactions can extend from the office to the shop floor and out to the loading dock, while some employees will need to stay in contact even when they are out of the office. Flexible organizations require a reliable mobile network that will allow their employees to remain accessible and productive while on the move. Adding mobility to business communications can deliver a major boost in productivity and business agility. Mobile warehouse, office and facility workers can stay connected, productive and available with a Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN). VoWLAN solutions puts a complete mobile office in the pockets of on-the-move employees throughout the enterprise. Mobile workers receive voice and data services over the WLAN using a compact, easy-to-carry business smartphone—without the additional cost of cellular contracts.

Workers are on the move. Why should business (or customers) wait for them to return to their desks?

In order to remain effective and responsive throughout the business day, workers need to stay connected to their phone, email and other crucial business data—no matter where they are in the building. By using Voice over Wireless LAN, your employees can enjoy the freedom of mobility inside the office while maintaining full access to phone and unified voicemail, data, internet and walkie-talkie functions.


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Benefits of Converged Voice & Data

Improved Productivity

Flexible, effective communications can increase productivity in a variety of work environments. In an office, associates can make critical contacts with customers, suppliers and other departments immediately regardless of where they are. Instant communication accelerates workflow and can also help to keep bad situations from getting worse.WhsDolly 1

Mobile access will also allow busy associates to be productive during what were formerly “dead times” in their schedules—when moving between meetings or walking to a work location. They can now use that time to check voicemail, follow-up on tasks and return less-pressing calls.

Increased Accessibility

Closely tied to productivity is accessibility. In a fast-moving organization, business can’t stop simply because someone is away from their desk. Voicemail is useful, but when a situation needs to be addressed immediately, direct contact is a necessity. Customer relationships can deteriorate quickly if a critical person with the necessary information is in a meeting or unreachable because no one knows where they are. And that critical person doesn’t have to be a manager; it may be a sales associate, an engineer, a production worker, a nurse or a technician—essentially anyone who is in contact with the business process.


Mobile access allows companies to respond more quickly and more effectively. Not only can customers and suppliers reach their contacts more dependably, those contacts can in turn reach out to their internal resources immediately without having to wait for those parties to return to their desks. A quick conference among the members of the support staff can fix the situation, while demonstrating the advantage of dealing with a responsive, customer-focused organization.

This type of responsiveness can have particular relevance in retail environments. With a WLAN- based mobile voice network, salespeople on the floor can be summoned to assist customers more quickly. Once there, they can contact managers, access product or credit specialists, and confirm stock locally or in other stores all without having to leave the customer’s side.

Converged Networks

The wireless LAN may be one of several radio-based communications systems that are used within an organization. Push-to-talk private radio systems and wide-area walkie-talkie services like the iDEN-based Sprint/Nextel network are widely used in the construction, manufacturing, retail and hospitality industries. Adding another wireless voice solution that does not connect with those systems will result in a dysfunctional set of wireless islands, or worse, force people to carry multiple wireless devices so they can access all of the wireless communities they need to do their jobs. Improving productivity should make it easier, not harder, for people to communicate.

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