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Network Infrastructure Solutions to Connect Mobile Workers with Operations Technology

Facing the complex challenges of keeping pace with technology is impacting nearly every industry today, from the exponential growth of data-driven sensors (IoT) and mobile devices in enterprise operations, to the growing convergence of traditionally separate Operations and IT systems, to increasingly stringent compliance requirements for data security and asset tracking. Connecting your workforce to your operations technology requires  creating a seamless workplace from the edge of your business to the core, enabling end-to-end connectivity and ensuring seamless workflows and productivity.

Inovity provides the full suite of network technology that enables end-to-end voice, video and data mobility across entire facilities increasing worker mobility and boosting productivity. With experience in medium to large-scale, high-bandwidth deployments, we provide your business with a robust, highly scalable networking solution, for enterprise data automation and workforce mobility.

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enabling wireless technologies

Coverage from the core of your business to the edge

  • Provide secure, real-time access to corporate information
  • Provide rapid extension of the wired LAN
  • Reduce costs for moves, adds and changes (since connections are not hard wired)
  • Improve productivity by enabling ad hoc collaboration and information sharing
  • Minimize expense in ever-changing and dynamic environments
  • In hospitals and healthcare environments, WLAN solutions help improve patient care, boost productivity and increase staff satisfaction. Patients and guests can also benefit from the 802.11n wireless network by gaining high-speed Internet access, so they can stay connected while visiting the hospital.
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wired network infrastructure solutions

The core of every network

A scalable solution begins with the wired network for end-to-end coverage.

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wlan security management

Unsecure devices can render your IT investments useless

If your network is left exposed by unsecure Wireless LAN devices, hackers can compromise your network backbone.  Financial implications can be high, but even more importantly, the breach can potentially impact your reputation as well as your proprietary and regulatory information.

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Industrial Strength Wireless Networks

Organizations that operate both industrial and non-industrial facilities have quickly learned that their wireless needs are not the same. Especially those who attempt to use office- and consumer-grade technology from the civilized, climate-controlled carpeted space to support their complex, fast-paced, RF-challenged industrial environments. You don’t simply need a WLAN; you need the right WLAN. Planning and implementation are no longer as simple as asking how many square feet you have, the type of materials used in constructing your building and calculating how many access points you’ll need.

industrial strength wlan

Today you need to know much, much more. How many users will be on the network? How many and what kinds of devices will they be using? Which applications will your network have to support today and in the future? How will the equipment, assets, and materials that move within and throughout your industrial environments affect your network?

Enterprise Network Infrastructure Components include:

  • Wired switches & routers
  • Wireless Switches—Wireless LAN switching and voice communications platforms for small to large enterprises
  • Wireless LAN Security—The industry-leading AirDefense Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) detects and neutralizes any threat, including intruders and rogue devices and provides for remote troubleshooting. Four-factor access control includes identity, role, location, and policy compliance via NAC. Defends wireless LANs with wireless IPS, rogue elimination and more
  • Access points or ports—Durable indoor, outdoor, mesh, and 802.11n access points
  • Client Radio Devices—Extend wireless connectivity to remote devices
  • Management Software—A single dashboard for wired and wireless network management, planning, and security
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