Eliminate green screen Terminal Emulation problems with StayLinked SmartTE Touch.

End green screens forever!

Download now: 11 Reasons to Choose SmartTE

  1. Graphical User Experience
  2. “Future Proof” Apps
  3. No Changes to Your App
  4. No Programming Required
  5. Reliability
  6. Security
  7. Performance
  8. Multi OS/Device Support
  9. Architectural Advantage
  10. Transferable, Concurrent Connection Licensing
  11. Sharp Focus on TE


Windows 10 Terminal Emulation

Run the same application across
multiple Windows devices with the
Universal Windows Platform (UWP) approach.

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Transform Enterprise Green Screens into Touchscreens with Smart Terminal Emulation

Modernize server-based apps easily and inexpensively with reliable, high-speed Smart TE

Terminal Emulation (TE) has been an enterprise standard for decades, connecting warehouse users to server-based business applications with the traditional “green screen” interface. Although TE is fast, secure and reliable—and used by more than 70% of data collection devices in the warehouse—the modern user’s experience with mobile devices has far surpassed green screens.

Until now, touchscreen devices running Android or iOS have had to use web-based or fat applications to access and use mainframe data, which significantly slow down the applications and degrade worker productivity. But replacing mainframe applications with an entirely new system means massive costs, long implementation cycles and high levels of risk.

SmartTE from StayLinked brings the best of both worlds to enterprise applications.
Transform enterprise apps from the green screen to the touchscreen with no changes required to the core application.  No rewrites, no coding, no risk!

Touchscreen UI without fat applications or web-based latency—just fast, reliable performance

With StayLinked SmartTE, you get the speed, reliability and security of traditional StayLinked terminal emulation within an intuitive, familiar user experience.

SL performance

Increased Productivity

  • Allow complicated, text-based, “green screen” applications be transformed into easy-to-use, graphics-based screens
  • Take full advantage of Android and iOS touchscreen device capabilities
  • “Green screen” apps perform and function like native OS applications
  • Fast training for users who commonly use touchscreen devices
  • Perform job functions far more efficiently


StayLinked SmartTE security

Graphically-Rich UI, Secure TE Performance

  • Today’s touchscreen device market demands graphically-rich and familiar user experience
  • All communications take place on the host machine and are never broadcast over the wireless network
  • Uses Blowfish encryption (up to 446-bit), with port-filtering and access list controls
  • Firewall-friendly design
  • Application lock-down
StayLinked SmartTE reliability

Unsurpassed Reliability

  • Built on the industry’s most advanced terminal emulation architecture, StayLinked TE
  • Virtually eliminate dropped sessions between the mobile device and host app
  • TE sessions are never lost, regardless of poor WiFi, dead batteries or mobile device reboots
  • Transfer sessions to another device
  • Share one session across multiple devices
  • Maintain sessions over cellular networks, even when coverage is temporarily lost
StayLinked SmartTE Session

Dynamic Screen Generation

  • Automatically transform terminal emulation green screens into touchscreen-friendly screens
  • Control settings to generate tapspot detection, graphic fields, color schemes, background images and more
  • New user interface requires no changes to the original application!
StayLinked SmartTE helpdesk

Custom Screen Designer

  • Drag-and-drop designer allows custom screen creation with different look/feel from dynamically generated screens
  • Incorporate unique branding, product images, custom colors, button sizes and more
  • No changes to original application
  • No programming skills needed
StayLinked SmartTE ROI

Free Upgrade for Current Customers

  • SmartTE is offered as a free upgrade to existing StayLinked customers with an active maintenance and support contract
  • Licensing based on concurrent telnet sessions, not by device count
  • Licenses are fully transferable to new devices with active maintenance and support agreements

The StayLinked Architecture

StayLinked Architecture

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