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Trend Micro™ Advanced User Protection for Diverse Business Environments

With the move towards BYOD workplaces and the fast-paced innovations of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), it’s increasingly difficult to monitor every entry and access point into your IT infrastructure. By partnering with Trend Micro, Inovity offers a solid suite of security options that can help mitigate the risk of BYOD, reducing costly network security compromises, data loss and the integrity of your business reputation.

With Trend Micro’s advanced layered security solutions, including endpoint, email and collaboration, web and mobile security, you get a protective shield that’s extremely difficult for cyber criminals to penetrate. The multi-layered solution is a high-performance security environment that won’t add any additional load to your IT network infrastructure. With many customizable optional features, you will have the ability to isolate and analyze suspicious behaviors from any connected endpoint, mobile device, mail server or web gateway.

Cheap for attackers, costly for targets!

Estimated price of tools needed to launch an attack: $225–$370 USD.
Average cost of a single successful data breach: $5,900,000!

Sophisticated multi-layered protection across the complete network prevents the most advanced threats

  • World-class security intelligence and integrated sandbox capabilities
  • Integrated data loss prevention from instant messaging to the endpoint, web and email gateways
  • Single console management offers comprehensive views of user security
  • Real-time interconnected threat intelligence goes beyond the traditional signature approach


Partnering with Trend Micro, Inovity provides an innovative solution for server, cloud and small-business content security. We deliver a client-server, network and cloud-based protection that stops new threats faster, detects breaches better, and protects data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Contact us today for an integrated and high-performance protection against advanced threats.

OfficeScan™—Endpoint protection for physical and virtual desktops

As more resources move to the cloud and BYOD endpoints expand, it’s more important than ever to protect your business from malware. OfficeScan provides integrated antivirus protection without reducing network and device performance.  It functions as a high-performance, lightweight client that is optimized for physical as well as virtual endpoints.  OfficeScan delivers real-time protection against the latest threats and enhances endpoint protection with cloud-based global threat intelligence, integrated data loss prevention (DLP), and a virtualization-aware client.

  • Superior malware protection
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Flexible, configurable architecture
  • Integrated data loss prevention
  • Mobile security integration
  • Secures data on physical and virtual desktops from a central management platform
  • Secures endpoints with the broadest range of superior malware protection

Deep Security™—Security for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Servers

Deep Security is a comprehensive, centrally managed platform that simplifies security operations by protecting virtual servers and virtual desktops as they move between your enterprise and the public cloud. Deep Security strengthens your enterprise security footprint as an agentless integrity monitor, intrusion prevention, firewall, and anti-malware platform.


Because it is an agent-less platform you can free your staff from continuous patching and agent configurations.   A rapidly deployable platform that integrates with VMware and Amazon Web Services, it is a recommended tool to add to any virtual and physical IT enterprise security toolbox.

Simple Security that fits
  • Unified dashboard with centralized policy control
  • Modular, lightweight and efficient
  • Integrated DLP for easiest configuration
  • Flexible deployment: on-premises, as a service or a mix
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  • Better value vs. endpoint solutions
  • Fits the workload needs for IT security
  • Anti-Malware Agents
  • Web Reputation protection
  • Bidirectional Stateful Firewall
  • Integrity Monitoring
  • Intrusion Prevention
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Imagine being able to look under the hood of your complete IT enterprise and see every appliance that is connected.  With Deep Discovery you can dig deeper to verify full network integrity, from a BYOD device to mobile computer. The Deep Discovery detection engines and sandboxing technology discover advanced malware, command and control (CC) communications, and attacker activity targeting any device on your network—including Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

 Deep Discovery™—Targeted Attack Detection and In-depth Analysis


A highly customizable unique product, that can flexibly integrate into your security infrastructure, provides comprehensive defenses and real-time actionable intelligence to protect your network and business assets.

Deep Discovery operates as either a hardware or virtual enterprise appliance providing protection in a single platform covering web, email, and virtually all other types of traffic on your network.  A typical Deep Discovery deployment delivers complete protection for about half the cost of competing (and less effective) solutions.

Detect and respond to targeted attacks, stop targeted email attacks and create a unified defense with Inovity and Trend Micro—the best protection for your complete IT infrastructure.  Ready to learn more about protecting your business? Request a free Security Assessment today.

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