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ViziTrace Enterprise-Class RFID Software

ViziTrace RFID software is an enterprise-class RFID visibility platform that simplifies deployment. ViziTrace makes it simpler than ever for any business to implement RFID quickly and effectively. This platform reduces human effort and error and gets you on the fast-track to deploying RFID with pre-built interfaces, handheld based apps, highly configurable software and dependable performance.

  • Pre-built interfaces, handheld based apps, and other solution components that are ready to go right out of the box

  • Modular, highly adaptable software that is designed for multiple industries, business applications, and devices

  • Dependable performance that removes complexity and captures higher ROI at a faster rate and lower risk

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ViziTrace is Fully-Modular RFID Software—Purchase Only the Components You Need for a Solution That Fits Your Environment

As your RFID use grows, components can be added allowing for quicker ROI

RFID Tracking for:

  • Work-in-Process (WIP) materials

  • Warehouse/distribution machinery and tools

  • IT equipment, documents and files

  • Containers and other general assets

  • Employees, staff and visitors

Enterprise-Ready Features:

  • Highly configurable and flexible

  • Asset tracking history

  • Unlimited number of asset types and information

  • Built-in reporting and custom report writer

  • Application and device configuration management

  • Application scalability, security and reliability

Web Portal:

  • Aggregates and filters RFID data

  • Business rules logic processing and alerts

  • GPIO for lights, buzzers, motion sensors, pressure sensors and door locks

  • RFID system monitoring and diagnostics

ViziTrace Mobile App:

  • Manage assets

  • Locate assets

  • Manage asset lifecycle changes

  • Inventory in seconds

  • Supports printed barcodes and RFID-encoded media

ViziTrace Smart Cart:

  • High-volume, high-reach inventory

  • High speed and accuracy

  • Mobile RFID scan cart

  • Tiered telescoping antennas for the tallest racks

RFID Components for the Data-Driven Enterprise:

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