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Improve field workforce efficiency with mobile VPN


Continuous access and improved throughput give secure, broadband-like access to wireless workers. Empower your mobile workforce to be as effective and efficient at possible with Mobility XE.

Mobility XE provides consistent, reliable and secure VPN access, regardless of the mobile network. Now your field workers can have uninterrupted access to corporate business information in any location, without lost connections

Enterprise applications to operate quickly and efficiently over wireless networks

Mobility XE is a software-only Mobile Virtual Private Network (Mobile VPN) that gives your mobile workforce the secure, continuous remote access it needs, from mobile devices over any wired or wireless IP-based network.

With Mobility XE Mobile VPN, your field force is empowered with the resources it needs to be effective. Mobile workers can react in real-time to expedite service, process orders and respond to inquiries, thereby improving the efficiency of your business—and the satisfaction of your customers.

Perfect for…

  • Field workforce automation
  • Salesforce automation
  • Medical records & reporting
  • Dispatch
  • Construction
  • Enterprise
  • Field service & maintenance
  • Government
  • Public safety
  • Telecom/cable
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

Mobility XE Features & Benefits:

  • Improve security, productivity and management
  • Easy to deploy, software-only solution minimizes costs and complexity
  • Automatically reduce network consumption and improve throughput and application responsiveness, particularly over bandwidth-constrained or wireless networks
  • Roam seamlessly between networks without crashes or any end-user interaction—including wired LANs, corporate Wi-Fi networks, third-party hotspots or wireless WANs
  • Sustain application sessions even through suspend-and-resume cycles and loss of connectivity
  • Granular Admin controls over wireless devices

Mobility XE Provides:

  • Standards-based security
  • True application session persistence
  • Wireless performance optimization
  • InterNetwork roaming
  • Mobile Network Access Control (NAC)
  • Centralized management
  • … all in a scalable solution that deploys quickly, and is simple to use and maintain

Your mobile workforce needs to be connected regardless of their location. Contact Inovity to learn more or schedule a free webinar.

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