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Soti Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software
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Use SOTI mobile device management software ot manage multiple devices and diverse operating systems
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SOTI control has proven to be extremely valuable to me, being able to watch what is happening on the scanner during troubleshooting without physically walking to our DC that is approximately 200 yards away is helping cut our down time and assisting us in being more productive. Overall I love the system! They work well together, complement each other nicely, and have excellent support when we run into issues.”

Gerald (Trey) Thompson, Helpdesk Technician
AP Exhaust Technologies, Inc.

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Cloud Enterprise Mobility Management by Inovity

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SOTI® Mobile Device Management Software

Enterprise Mobile Device Management in the Cloud or On-Premises

Mobile Device Management software from SOTI is a flexible, scalable, cost-effective way to to centrally manage, support, secure and track corporate-liable and employee-liable mobile devices, regardless of type, mobile platform or location.Mobile Device Management solutions by AirWatch

When your enterprise mobility mix includes rugged mobile computers, scanners and printers, along with employee-owned or corporate-deployed smart phones and tablets, you need a unified EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that can support such a diverse group of operating systems and devices. As a SOTI partner, Inovity can help you successfully manage and control all mobile device on your network from a single cloud-based or on-premises console.

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Simplify and Manage Your Mobile Device Deployment

smartPhoneDEEP CROSS PLATFORM Rugged Mobile Computers, Scanners, Printers, Peripherals, Kiosks, Smart Phones,Tablets.

MULTI-OS SUPPORT iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, Knox.

ANDROID+ Support for the vast number of android versions and OEMs flooding the marketplace with differing functionalities.

ADVANCED REPORTING ENGINE Receive customizable reportable data on battery-life, user logins, SIM Card removal, and app specific data.

appsMobiControl WEB CONSOLE Manage your entire mobility deployment through a single console via the cloud or on-premises.  Customizable dashboards, at a glance usage and connectivity information, and location/activation policies.

FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENT ARCHITECTURE A centralized, cloud-based or on-premises management console provides total visibility and full control of your corporate, shared and personally owned devices.

REMOTE CONTROL & REMOTE VIEW Interactive Remote Control of Android and Windows devices for optimal HelpDesk capability and troubleshooting.  Remote View and advanced device management for iOS devices.

contentEMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE PORTAL Equip users to manage their own mobile devices.  Users can reset passwords, wipe data or lock a misplaced, lost or stolen device, locate a device via geo-tracking, and much, much more.

CONTENT Mobile Content Management solution offers a secure content library for distributing and managing corporate data. Set priority levels, duration times for document availability, staggering releases by geo-location and enabling automatic and on-demand downloads.

APPS Integrated Mobile Application Management enables fast comprehensive distribution of corporate line of business applications on shared personal and corporate-owned mobile devices.  Create a catalog of approved corporate apps as well as silently install mandatory apps.

SILENT INSTALL Silently install apps onto a device without disrupting the end-user’s activity.

EMAIL The Email Management solution delivers complete security for corporate emails preventing unauthorized devices from accessing the corporate Exchange server.  Create email sharing and forwarding policies ensuring that sensitive information stays behind the corporate firewall.

lockREAL TIME GEO-AWARE POLICIES Accurate geo-location device tracking and user behavior monitoring that can be plotted on a world-wide map.

GEO-FENCING enables custom creation of virtual boundaries around a geographical area to trigger alerts and pre-defined actions when devices enter or exit the boundary.

GEO-AWARE CONTENT Restrict access to sensitive corporate content based on locations while still allowing employees to access personal content and apps.

SECURITY Enterprise Mobility Management solution provides roles-based access to view and manage enterprise assets.  Malware & Antivirus protection adds an extra layer of security.  MobiControl rules engine can be quickly configured to monitor device, custom data, and server specific incidents.

SPEED CONTROL Locks down a device based on a set velocity.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software  simplifies your BYOD Strategy

Employees want—and are growing to expect—to use their personal devices for work functions.  Are you prepared to manage ALL devices,ca from PCs and laptops, to rugged field devices, to employee-owned smartphones and tablets—all with potentially different operating systems? MDM Devices

A solid MDM plan is essential to manage all devices with network access, whether employee- or corporate-owned. Today’s MDM solutions must manage it all, from devices and applications to content and security, in addition to considering diverse user requirements and corporate and regulatory requirements.

Control who and how your workforce connects to your network.  Enroll, configure, provision, track and remote lock or wipe all of your mobile devices through a single console in real time.

Whether your project involves rugged industrial devices running Windows or consumer-grade devices running Android or iOS, you can navigate the hazards of implementation, monitoring and management with SOTI and Inovity.

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