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Device Management Software to Secure your Enterprise

MDM or Mobile Device Management software enables your business to establish a comprehensive strategy to monitor, manage and track the use and health of your business-critical devices. Employee-owned smartphones and tablets—working alongside corporate-owned devices, mobile computers, connected printers and smartphones—have transformed the enterprise and how they transact day-to-day business.

Securing and managing the variety of corporate-provisioned and employee-owned devices accessing your highly-valuable and sensitive data every day is a challenge. Businesses must ensure that all devices on their network are secure, can be remotely managed and de-authorized, and that the corporate information on those devices can be destroyed or locked-down securely.

Building an effective mobile device management (MDM) strategy is a key factor to reducing IT costs and guaranteeing enterprise security, all while increasing employee accessibility and productivity.

Inovity can help you design and implement a long-term mobile device management plan with MDM software solutions from partners, AirWatch and SOTI. Simplify device management and secure your enterprise. 

Are you ready to build a unified road map to a more secure enterprise? Contact us today to learn about the best mobile device management solution for your business.

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Download this complimentary Forrester Thought Leadership Paper sponsored by our partner, Zebra Technologies, and read how companies can increase employee productivity, reduce inefficiency and take proactive actions to enhance operational and asset visibility of their workers’ mobile devices.

Benefits Of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software Solutions

Develop a single, unified solution for more control over which devices employees can use to access the enterprise.

Control what runs on each device when connected to the corporate network.

Define, enforce and deploy corporate security mandates.

Update applications, configurations and device firmware wirelessly.

Track devices by registering and locating.

Manage centrally, either in the cloud or on-premises.

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