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Custom Image and Data Acquisition Service (IDAS) application exclusively by Inovity.

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IDAS is the ONLY software available today that can seamlessly capture image data from a Zebra imager via a TWAIN interface

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Technology Improves Efficiencies and Productivity in Healthcare and Retail Pharmacy Markets

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Use both imager and scanner functions of your device without reconfiguration or custom software

IDAS - Image & Data Acquisition Service

Developed exclusively by Inovity, the IDAS integration utility allows pharmacies and other markets to take advantage of both the imager and scanner functionalities of their handheld scanners, with automatic, seamless toggling between both modes.

Without IDAS, users who want to use both the bar code scanning function of their scanners (for example, scan dispensed medication UPCs at a pharmacy), and the image capture function (take a picture of the original Rx), would have to manually reconfigure their device for each input.

IDAS will pass bar code data through Windows as keyboard data. Then, when a TWAIN (image capture) request is made, the IDAS application will switch the device into snapshot mode, process the acquired image, then switch back to bar code decode mode.

As a Windows service, IDAS works through the imager’s native API (Application Programming Interface) to establish and maintain persistent communication with a Zebra Technologies device. The end result allow the device to switch quickly and seamlessly between the various outputs it offers, without internal code modification.

Use the image-capture and bar code scanning functions seamlessly—without client-side code modifications or manual reconfiguration

Ideal for:

  • Legacy pharmacy applications
  • Physician groups
  • Hospital groups
  • Medical groups
  • Any market needing bar code scanning and image capture from one device

What can IDAS do for you?

IDAS Pharmacy

  • Busy pharmacies can manage high-volume prescription image scans easily, without downtime
  • Take < 5 seconds between image acquisition and image view on screen
  • Fast image capture of all prescription sizes (notepad style and US letter-size) at proper resolution for federal compliance
  • Capture patient signatures
  • Process bar code data
  • Scan original medication bottles, patient IDs, prescription numbers and other product purchases—without adding more devices
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Increase speed
  • Eliminate numerous paper-driven processes


For more information on how IDAS can improve your bar code scanning and imaging tasks, contact us today.