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Field IQ™ Work Order

For efficient management of field work orders

Field IQ™ Work Order is part of the Field IQ™ Mobile Software Suite from Inovity, a modular business application designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of field work orders for personnel in organizations with an outside workforce. A configurable component of the Field IQ Mobile Software Suite, that improves the execution and management of field work orders by providing more accurate data entry, faster communication with host systems and more efficient use of resources. It can reside on internal, local servers, and in the cloud.

Field IQ Work Order is designed specifically for companies that provide products and services in the field—like HVAC, plumbing, commercial and consumer installations, equipment maintenance, and more.

How can FieldIQ Work Order Improve Field Service Efficiency?

  • By putting all the transactional data your technicians need into their hands, while they’re in the field
  • Connecting wirelessly to your company servers

  • Connecting wirelessly to your company servers

  • Takes the guess-work out of your field operations

Gain Key Business Advantages

  • Route work orders to primary technician(s)
  • Escalate or re-route automatically if not accepted within the time-period you specify
  • Provide instant visibility to parts used and needed in the field
  • Identify the nearest source for additional inventory
  • Track technicians and parts availability
  • See changes in the business activities that affect your service demands
  • Improve field worker productivity and eliminate wasteful “detours”
  • Verify your technicians have the parts (and skills!) to perform the service order
  • Send the smallest, closest, most fuel-efficient vehicle as possible to the job site
  • Provide instant status updates to dispatchers—adjust, cancel, reassign based on schedule status, emergencies, parts availability,
  • Increase the number of completed orders—without adding field personnel
  • Help technicians cross-sell/up-sell by leveraging point-of-sale customer data
  • Capture work order status in minutes for faster, more accurate billing
  • Improve cash flow by shortening billing cycle time

Takes the guess-work out of your field operations

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