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10 Questions to Gauge Your Field IQ Readiness

Is your company ready to improve the productivity and efficiency of your field workforce?FieldSvc_VanWkr_300px

Answer these questions to gauge your readiness level:

  1. Do you have real-time access to your field workers?
  2. Can your field workers access customer information and history in the field?
  3. Do you know where your field workers are throughout the day?
  4. Are your field workers filling out preprinted forms manually?
  5. Are your field workers spending excessive time with end-of-day paperwork?
  6. Can you account for missing products or inventory at the end of each work day?
  7. Are your routes managed efficiently? Are the best technicians and most fuel-efficient trucks directed to the right job?
  8. Do you have inaccuracies in invoicing?
  9. Are field workers processing real-time payments in the field, efficiently and accurately?
  10. Are office workers waiting on paperwork to start billing?

If you answered “yes” to 2 or more of these questions, you need Field IQ.

Inovity understands the Field Service business.  Your field operation can be more efficient, accurate and profitable. Call us today to learn more.

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