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Oracle EBS Integration

Mobilize ERP Data | SAP Certified

“The team took upfront time to learn our operations and understand our requirements, and put in place equipment that exactly matched. Followed through afterwards to ensure our satisfaction.”

-Pete Kurtz
Spare Parts Manager

Mobilize ERP Data with Enterprise Business Connectors

Mobilize ERP Data | Certified IntegrationWith integrated ERP solutions using certified enterprise business connectors, you can mobilize ERP data and give your mobile workers real-time, secure access to ERP data wherever they are inside your facility.

The Professional Services staff at Inovity can integrate wireless devices seamlessly with your ERP host using pre-built and certified connectors for SAP, Oracle/JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics GP and more. Pre-tested, validated connectors are ready-to-use and eliminate lengthy development time, reducing costs substantially. Or, if you prefer, your IT staff can easily modify the applications or create new ones in-house.

Certified Business Connectors extend your enterprise applications to mobile devices
With Inovity’ programming expertise, you can achieve anywhere, anytime access to your mission critical data—including extended, off-line capabilities

No server-side code—Business Connectors are pre-developed, with tested logic flow
ERP business rules are embedded directly into the data collection process
Low cost, simplified access to business processes
Transparent ERP transactions allow for easy changes based on new data collection needs or future ERP releases

Run your business more efficiently!

• 30+ pre-developed transaction sets extend your ERP system to mobile devices

• Make your ERP system mobile while avoiding extensive programming costs

• Manage inventory more effectively

• Reduce costs in the supply chain

• Improve productivity

• Reduce order-to-delivery times

Legacy Host Connectivity

Legacy Host ConnectivityFor clients using Legacy Host or Unix-based systems, Inovity can provide built-in 3270/5250/VT220 Screen Mapping capabilities to interact with these host systems.

Screen Mapping can record the data entry process for various transactions, automatically generate a script to duplicate the process, and allow users, via wireless applications linked to these scripts, to update the data as if it were manually keyed into the system. Using this approach, applications can combine data from multiple host screens, add additional functionality without changing the host system, as well as allow users to operate even while the host is unavailable or off-line.

Connection/Pooling Management

Connection Pooling is used to deliver a maximum return on your ERP user licensing costs.

Connection Pooling ManagementAlthough most wireless devices perform specific, targeted tasks, in many cases, it does not make sense to allocate a full ERP system license simply for data collection. Inovity’ business connectors take this into account, and provide a mechanism by which data connections can be shared among many users.

It works by having a server own the data connection process. When a device needs access to a specific data connection, it will notify the server which will provide it the connection. If one is not available, the server will place the request in a queue and possibly start an additional connection to the data source.

This process works well because most transactions process in a few miliseconds, therefore a single data connection can easily support a large number of users.

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