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Capture intelligence from your manufacturing processes with Automation IQ™

Virtually any business involved in a production process—manufacturing, assembly, work-in-process, shipping, packaging—can benefit from Automation IQ™—a revolutionary process automation platform that funnels disparate information around your production and process into a single-pane-of-glass monitoring and reporting solution.  Offering a flexible, configurable, modular solution for businesses wanting more control of—and intelligence from—their operations.

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In mission-critical, 24/7 environments, Automation IQ™’s process automation platform can alert you to a problem the second it happens.

  • Automatic package sorting and manifesting
  • Automatic printing of product and shipping labels

  • Track and identify production items for ERP systems

  • Automate product packaging

  • Mix prevention

  • Access control

What Can Automation IQ Do For Your Business?

Automation IQ™ can improve virtually any production process by connecting the disparate information commonly found with any production line. It can make “dumb” devices “smart” by actually doing something with all the data from your various production inputs:

  • Improve production processes by connecting disconnected information

  • Provide a central control database—with validations—for separate bits of data coming from PLCs, serial, serial/ethernet, ethernet,  and wireless inputs

  • Reduce costs—know instantaneously why a line stopped

  • Reduce labor expenses

  • Highly flexible and configurable for your production systems

  • Eliminate mis-shipments—get the right product to the right client, every time

Case Study

Learn how a large book publisher converted its manual distribution center into an automated facility for a high-speed, complex distribution. Read the Case Study.

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With Automation IQ™, you can run processes on your data, including comparisons, validations, logging, look-ups and more

Comparisons:  Imagine operators on conveyor line #1 start job #ABC. The only bar codes scanned on that line should be ABC.  If an XYZ bar code is scanned, you have a problem. Automation IQ can alert you to the issue of a possible product mixup and shut down the line until the problem is resolved.

The Result?  Save thousands in mis-shipped products and avoid liability for wrongly-packaged product.

Validations:  Each carton label has three bar codes, indicating part number, size and quantity. Operator Bob is directed to scan each bar code—in order—with his mobile computer. If bar codes are scanned incorrectly, a mobile alert can be triggered to notify Bob of the error.

The Result? Save time with mobile operators, improve efficiency and productivity.

Validations: You receive products for your production process from many vendors. Each vendor is required to mark its containers with appropriate bar code labels. At receiving, Operator Sue scans products, but the bar codes are invalid or unreadable. Automation IQ sends immediate signals to the operator to flag the shipment.

The Result?  Identify problem vendors immediately and request corrective action for product marking. Eliminate potential raw-material errors and improve traceability.

Logging: Create time stamps to track all lines and operators, and recreate production history to troubleshoot problems on the lines.

The Result?  Accurately connect line errors with the correct shift and determine if problems are operator- or system-based. Avoid wasted time trying to locate errors blindly.

Automation IQ Is A Highly Configurable And Flexible Platform

A modular and flexible platform with functionality for the most demanding production environments.  AIQ supports data feeds from a variety of inputs: your own enterprise ERP/MRP/WMS systems (any ODBC-compliant database), fixed-mount bar code scanners, fixed-mount RFID readers, scales, digital I/Os and PLCs, and then provide outputs back to those same client data systems, PLCs, signaling equipment (buzzers and light stacks), and even email alerts.

Request a request a demo of AIQ or call today for a conversation and learn how Automation IQ can help your business: 800-452-7418 x9052.

Request a Demo of AIQ Today!

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