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TracerPlus Desktop

TracerPlus Connect

TracerPlus Software — Simple Data Capture For Inventory & Asset Tracking Forms

TracerPlus Desktop enables non-programmers and programmers to create enterprise class data capture applications in minutes without programming for a wide variety of business functions including:

  • Asset Tracking

  • Inventory Management

  • Field Service

  • Inspections

  • Route Accounting

  • Retail

TracerPlus software
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TracerPlus Desktop

The TracerPlus Desktop software is a light weight tool used to develop applications for handheld mobile devices running Android or Window Mobile operating systems.  With this software you can quickly consolidate manual operations and deploy to a variety of devices.  Designed to automate forms for data capture with a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, forms created in TracerPlus Desktop can be tailored to enable both small and large scale mobile data collection operations.

With the ability to quickly adjust settings on-the-fly and re-deploy, TracerPlus can grow as businesses grow. With its flexibility and a feature set strong enough to satisfy the most demanding developer, TracerPlus Desktop brings the accuracy and labor-saving advantages of direct-to-database mobile data collection to companies of all sizes and budgets.

  • Advanced Mobile Application Development to design control for up to 32 custom mobile modules.
  • Extensive Form Design Control with customizable form sizes to match any device screen, insert custom logos, select fields, assign over 30 different form actions, customize fonts, background and colors and more.
  • Application, Form and Individual Data for a flexible and customizable user interface, form processing and data capture.
  • Fast Deployment to Mobile Devices with a built in mobile client installer.

TracerPlus Connect

TracerPlus Connect For Data Synchronization

An all-in-one solution to keeping your back-end database current and accurate. Easily integrated with TracerPlus Desktop, you get a fully encompassing solution that links your data captured by a mobile device running the custom TracerPlus app, to an ODBC database system such as Oracle, SAP, MySQL, a MySQL Server or simply to an Excel spread sheet or tab delimited text file.

With the same simple user interface that TracerPlus software is known for, IT professionals and non-programmers can create profiles to easily sync data.  Data synchronization can be as simple as connecting a mobile device to a host PC or over WiFi, LAN, 3G or 4G.  Call us today.

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