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Extreme Gold

Extreme Networks, a global software and service-led solutions company that provides advanced networking technology and platforms to solve IT’s toughest networking challenges, recently acquired Zebra Technologies Wireless business.

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Detect rogue devices, prioritize devices based on threat level, analyze connections and eliminate threats.

Ensure compliance with regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GLBA and SOX.

Measure network usage and performance, respond to misconfigurations and monitor availability.

AirDefense: Wireless LAN Security and Management—Anywhere, Anytime Wireless Protection

Operate your wireless networks securely and productively 

Regardless of your WLAN deployment status, you must ensure that all wireless activity is tracked and that no wireless data is transmitted in clear text.  Now, with AirDefense Solutions from Extreme Networks and Inovity, there is a way to secure your wireless networks and provide security management and incident reporting, including those necessary to meet HIPAA requirements.

With AirDefense from Inovity and Extreme Networks, you can:

  • Detect and prevent ALL wireless threats with extensive rogue AP detection
  • Receive automatic notifications of any security event
  • Support the security management process through constant verification and enforcement of security policies
  • Receive intrusion alarms
  • Receive audit trail information
  • View complete security event reporting
  • Receive continuous vulnerability assessments

Lower the Cost of Your Wireless Network Operation:

  • Resolve wireless problems quickly—without the need to travel onsite to troubleshoot
  • Reduce network downtime
  • Increase network performance
  • Give your IT Network and Security teams remote visibility into any location, from any location, without an Internet connection
  • Allow Tier 1 Help Desk staff to remotely analyze and troubleshoot wireless problems—save time and money, and free-up valuable Wireless IT resources

The AirDefense Advanced Forensics feature gives you DVR-like capability, where you can replay everything minute by minute, correlate events and see step-by-step activities.

This tool allows you to see everything that happened in the past on your network.   If there is a security event, you will have legal documentation to show what, when, where and how much was taken—an invaluable tool for intermittent network problems.