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Data Automation Software for Manufacturing, Warehousing and the Supply Chain

Data automation software is the driving force behind successful Auto ID systems that eliminate manual errors and improve accuracy, productivity and worker efficiency.

With on-staff software engineers and architects, Inovity is a seasoned expert in providing complete data automation software solutions for clients with manufacturing, distribution, warehousing or supply chain operations.

Frequently, an “out-of-the-box” software solution may be the best fit for a business.  But when a boxed solution does not fit your operational needs, our developers will tailor pre-written code or create a custom application specifically for your precise business demands.

An Auto ID system is only as good as the software that runs it.  Don’t risk project delays, malfunctioning or mis-performing systems and lost productivity to inexperienced integrators.  Call Inovity today to speak directly to a Systems Consultant who can listen to your individual project needs and make the right recommendations based on your project needs.

Manage all important business and IT assets throughout your operation, from tools in the shop or factory floor to mobile computers and more.  Our robust asset tracking software can help you maintain visibility to all crucial business assets throughout your operation.

Standardize labeling across your organization with barcode software that integrates into your existing ERP, WMS and PLM systems.  Enable production and warehouse staff to print quickly and without errors, and gain centralized control of the label design and print processes, so you can reduce control access, update and modify designs centrally and improve accuracy.

With certified Enterprise Business Connectors, you can extend your ERP data to mobile devices, giving your mobile workers on-the-go access to crucial business data at the point of activity, no matter where they are.

Dramatically improve your field workforce connectivity with Field IQ®, field service automation software from Inovity. Field IQ® is designed to improve the productivity and efficiency of field personnel in any organization with an outside workforce.

Automation IQ™ (AIQ™) is a revolutionary process-automation platform that funnels disparate information around your production operation and processes the data into a single-pane-of-glass monitoring and reporting solution.  It offers a flexible, configurable, modular solution for businesses wanting more control of—and intelligence from—disconnected pieces of data throughout their operation.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) software lets your IT department establish a comprehensive strategy to monitor, manage and track the use and health of business-critical devices, no matter where they’re used or who owns them.

Continuous access and improved throughput give secure, broadband-like access to wireless workers. Empower your mobile workforce to be as effective and efficient at possible with Mobile VPN software.  Provide consistent, reliable and secure VPN access, regardless of the mobile network, and give field workers uninterrupted access to corporate business information in any location, without lost connections.

RFID software can track—and keep track of—corporate assets, inventory and raw materials moving throughout your enterprise.  Today’s RFID software can help you deploy RFID with pre-built interfaces, handheld based apps, highly configurable software and dependable performance.

Inovity features modular warehouse management software to improve productivity and inventory accuracy in warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities, helping to manage workflows for any type of inventory, from receipt to put-away to shipment.

If your network is left exposed by unsecure Wireless LAN devices, hackers can compromise your network backbone.  Financial implications can be high, but even more importantly, the breach can potentially impact your reputation as well as your proprietary and regulatory information. Secure your wireless networks and provide security management and incident reporting with wireless LAN security software.

Experience the most reliable, secure and feature-rich wireless Terminal Emulation (TE) product built for high performance on today’s wireless networks—including Windows 10.  StayLinked Terminal Emulation is thin-client and host-based, virtually eliminating the dropped sessions experienced in traditional TE products.

Inovity offers powerful Work-in-Process (WIP) software with partner and software developer, BellHawk Systems Corp.  Track the raw materials used in each step of production, the flow of materials into and out of each job step, and the finished goods after the final step.

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