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Maximize the Life-Cycle of Your IT Investment by Recycling Obsolete Equipment

Recycling your old end-of-life technology.Go Green!
Simple, Ethical Electronics Recycling

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Every year businesses replace old equipment, downsize or refresh equipment to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements, leaving obsolete assets to collect dust and take up valuable space in your facilities.  With Inovity’s managed services, we provide a simple, ethical option for obsolete assets to be disposed of responsibly and to prevent electronic waste from entering into our landfills. Our flexible recycling options take your obsolete, non-working assets or excess equipment and have them properly transported, audited, erased and resold or recycled, for little or no cost to you.

We can accept any IT asset, from laptops and desktop to mobile computers, cables and components, any printer and component including used printheads, monitors, basically, any IT asset that is shelved and ready to be disposed of.  Whether the device is functional or not, we’ll determine the best disposal method. Working closely with you to ensure correct chain of custody, maintaining strict safeguards to prevent any data or intellectual property exposure and providing a certificate of indemnification.

All recyclable technology is processed ensuring rigorous data safeguards to prevent data exposure and protection of intellectual property. Our process ensures all  assets are erased with standards used by the by the Department of Defense (DoD 5220-22-M Erase), PCI, HIPAA, SARBOX, and GLBA standards, with recoverable electronics using USA-based certified electronics refiners.

No Budget? No Problem.
Here’s How:

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  • We’ll contact you to learn about your disposal needs

  • We schedule the asset pickup to come to our facility for NO CHARGE

  • We’ll inventory, tag, log, test and erase everything before it is prepared for recycling or potential resale at no cost to you


  • Inovity is a single-source that ensures safe disposal of obsolete or excess IT assets, including components and parts—no need to source recyclers for each type of asset

  • We can help you maintain your corporate sustainability efforts

  • We’ll handle all of the logistics for your assets —  from submission to recycling

  • You’ll get detailed reporting of data eradication on all assets received

  • You’ll receive a certificate of indemnification that guarantees data erasure safeguarding your intellectual property

  • All recyclable components and commodities are sent to refiners — nothing goes to a landfill

 Ethical Recycling

  • Recycling recovers valuable materials from old electronics that can be used to make new products

  • Saves energy, reduces pollution, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and saves resources by extracting fewer rare and raw materials from the earth

  • Prevents toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury from polluting our landfills and leaching into our water supplies

Dated Devices Can Cost You Time, Productivity

If you’re running an enterprise device that’s more than three years old, your workers’ productivity can be severely diminished.  With advancements in scan engines and streamlined, faster print engines, your productivity could quickly be falling behind your competitors. While your older devices may have life left in them, exploring your options to leverage recycling your older equipment can offset the total cost of updating to newer, faster technology. Learn more about simple, ethical recycling.

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