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Installation and Training Services from Inovity

Complex systems involve more than just equipment

State-of-the-art Auto ID systems—including mobile computing and wireless network infrastructure—demand trained and experienced engineers for successful implementation.  But getting these major pieces in place is still only one part of the equation.  For an Auto ID system to be functional, a company’s business applications (ERP, MRP, etc.) must be layered in to work with each necessary Auto ID component. Then, the entire process needs to be manageable.  Even highly-skilled IT departments often do not have the specialized skills, personnel or resources required to implement an expansive data collection and management solution.

Additionally, after an installation is complete, your staff needs the training to use the system to its fullest potential and functionality.

Enter Inovity:

  • Diverse portfolio of both hardware and software solutions
  • Proven methodologies for the entire project cycle
  • Less time for installs and reduced expenses for training
  • Accelerated adoption times
  • Compliant solutions adhere to strict industry standards such as PCI, HIPAA, DoD/UID, RFID, etc.
  • Strong alignment with market leaders and manufacturers
  • Extensive documentation throughout the entire solution delivery process
  • Guidelines on effective post-implementation support
  • Remote management services to proactively support and manage your system

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