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Maintain Physical Distancing with Remote, “No-Touch” Mobile Device Management

Hands-Free Mobile Device Management (MDM):  Manage and Troubleshoot Mobile Devices Without Touching Them

Physical distancing and sanitizing guidelines remain important for the health and safety of today’s workforce, and the fewer people who have to touch your mobile devices, the better.

Inovity offers remote, touchless Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that enable IT departments to set up, configure and deploy mobile devices for their entire workforce, whether they’re in the same building, across town or across the world.

Manage apps and content, troubleshoot device problems with remote control and remote view, lock down devices and even train employees—all from your office, field location or anywhere with an internet connection.

With no-touch mobile device management, you can respect physical distancing guidelines while maintaining, managing and supporting your enterprise mobile devices.  Touchless MDM helps decrease direct contact with heavily-handled devices and adds another protective layer to your business operations.

  • Full remote control of mobile devices

  • Remotely browse, copy and delete files on mobile devices

  • Live two-way chat

  • Screen video capture

  • Interact with and view device application and process manager

  • Initiate remote device restart or soft reset

  • Developed for Android, Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile/CE Devices, Linux and iOS/MacOS devices

Read how MDM is “More Than Just Remote Support.”  Get the SOTI white paper now:
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Maintain Physical Distance While Providing IT Support
No need to be in the same location as the user or the device
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IT staff can remotely diagnose a faulty mobile application, kill and restart applications and even re-install corrupted applications, manage and control content, configure devices, and more.  Simplify managing your mobile devices without physically being in the same location as the user or the device.

Learn more about SOTI MobiControl mobile device management (MDM) software from Inovity, a SOTI Silver partner.

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Need Even More Support for Your Remote Devices?
Inovity’s Cloud EMM Solution provides high-value, low-cost services to manage your business mobility—and let you get back to business

As part of Inovity’s Managed Services offering, Cloud EMM can get your mobility management solution up and running in minutes—not days, weeks or months.Cloud EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management from Inovity

Avoid spending hundreds of hours procuring and configuring devices, setting up and maintaining an on-premises server, or adding software and licenses.  When you engage Inovity’s Cloud EMM services, Inovity handles your user setup, profiles, alerts, rules and more—plus we host all infrastructures on secure cloud servers from the undisputed leader in hosted services to ensure complete security and stability.

Most IT departments are stretched thin.  Few have time to coordinate, implement, install and manage an accessible, scalable and secure mobile management platform, not to mention install a server and manage maintenance and backups.

Let Inovity handle your MDM setup and remove the burden from your IT department.
Learn more about Inovity Cloud EMM.

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