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Label Cloud:  A Simple, Comprehensive, Cloud Labeling Solution

Digitally Transform Your Entire Label Printing Process — With Zero On-Premises Footprint

Traditional desktop label design software has served the needs of companies around the world for decades.

However, times are changing.

While these applications have worked well in the past, they weren’t designed to manage the complexities, requirements and challenges of modern businesses that are transforming their operations and moving virtually all software to the cloud in a Software-as-a-Service model or SaaS.

Welcome to Label Cloud!

Companies of all sizes are adopting Label Cloud to design, print, manage, integrate and scale their labeling operations.  You can update label templates quickly, streamline label changes and approval processes, grant access to external partners to print compliance labels, and deploy label printing to new operations, quickly and easily, without heavy (and in many cases, any) IT resources.

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Label Template Design, Centralized Management and Printing… From Anywhere, To Anywhere

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Label Cloud is configured with an industry-standard user interface to format and design labels quickly and easily, empowering users to design labels using the most modern label designer for business.

  • Familiar, Microsoft Word-like user experience

  • Improved speed and flexibility in making label changes

  • Streamlined compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Design without barcoding knowledge, layout expertise or advanced computer skills

  • Universal templates to use with any printer brand

  • Print in multiple languages on the same label

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Design, review and approve labels from a centralized document repository with a Document Management System (DMS) without having to install software on workstations.

  • Secure centralized storage

  • Automatic version control

  • Unique indexing and search

  • Secure electronics approval workflows

  • Label comparison provides quality assurance

  • Secure role based access control

  • Non-production environment

  • Device management and alerts to avoid unplanned downtime

  • History & reports for full traceability

  • Change and transport system

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Connect your business applications with Label Cloud’s integrated label printing capabilities. The all-in-one architecture meets the needs of businesses of all sizes with connectors for most ERP, WMS, SCM, MES or PLM systems.  With data mapping, business rules and workflows, Label Cloud also provides load balancing for high volume environments—without any coding.

  • All-in-one print server

  • Pre-built connectors provide seamless integration

  • Data mapping provides integration without coding, even accepting inputs direct from PLCs

  • Configurable business rules and workflows

  • 64-bit architecture provides unmatched performance and reliablity

  • Scalability you can’t outgrow

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With a single click, deploy and print labels on-demand across all of your workstations and remote locations, including suppliers, contract manufacturers or third party logistics providers.  Label Cloud’s Web Printing System provides the flexibility of creating manual printing applications which are centrally deployed and scaled for business-wide distribution.

  • Thin, client-side printing application

  • Extend to suppliers, contract manufacturers or 3PLs

  • Guaranteed label accuracy

  • Identical label output at any location, regardless of the supplier’s printer brand or technology
  • Ensure suppliers are always using the correct version of your required labels
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