MODEX 2020:  Join Inovity in Booth 8175

Solutions that Move Supply Chains

MODEX 2020 is the leading industry expo for manufacturing, distribution and the supply chain!

  • See the latest solutions and innovations from over 900 leading world-class providers
  • Learn how to successfully implement these innovations into your operations to cut costs, increase efficiency, improve visibility and reduce risk
  • Attend 150+ educational seminars, including Inovity’s session on Digital Transformation
  • Hear from powerful speakers on innovative ways to tackle the latest manufacturing and supply chain challenges


Inovity will be exhibiting in booth #8175.

Join us to see the latest advances in mobile computingenterprise printing, industrial automation and RFID solutions.


MODEX is the perfect opportunity to test-drive some of the latest productivity-enhancing technologies and meet the team at Inovity.

Beat the crowds and schedule a personal tour at BOOTH 8175 for product demos and answers to questions on devices, solutions, workflow improvement strategies and more.

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Simplify Your Mobile Digital Transformation Journey:  8 Manageable Phases and Takeaways

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time: 10:30am-11:15am
Location: Theater A
Presented By: George Allen, VP of Solutions Enablement, Inovity

In this fast-paced, highly-informative session, join us as we board the mobile Digital Transformation (DT) train. We’ll provide details, examples, action items and takeaways for each stage of transitioning from error-prone, manual processes, to mid-level digital adoption, to advanced levels of data automation and mobilization.

Eliminating paper processes and transforming your data from manual to digital is a large and often multi-year project for any company. But it’s not an “all or nothing” process and you don’t have to be overwhelmed.

Digital transformation isn’t just about adopting new, customer-facing technologies; it’s how advanced technologies affect the way your organization works and how data can be mobilized, analyzed and leveraged to drive better, real-time business decisions.

Whether you’re just starting to move from analog or paper processes or you’re a hybrid digital organization using mobile computing and industrial automation on your way to becoming fully digital using AI, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Augmented Reality, Robotics, IoT and more, let Inovity be your guide on how to fully use mobility to complete many of your DT objectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to define Digital Transformation for your organization and implement measurable steps to get there
  • How to leverage mobile automation technologies to start, accelerate and advance your Digital Transformation
  • How to plan your mobile DT journey, set milestones and prove success along the way
  • How to evaluate partners, solutions and components of the mobile Digital Transformation that’s right for your company
  • How to set your budget, determine ROI and more

Confused about OS Migration?  Inovity Can Help.

Microsoft ended all support for Windows Mobile and Windows CE in January 2020.  What are Windows Mobile users supposed to do?

  •  Without support, you will have no security updates or patches.  You’re more vulnerable to hackers or new viruses.

  • Without support, you cannot buy new devices with older Windows OS.

  • Without support, when devices are sent in for repair, their OS is wiped and cannot be reinstalled.

Inovity is an expert in migrating clients from Windows to new OS options.  Visit us in Booth 8175 at MODEX to learn more.

Or, set up a personal, in-booth appointment during the show.

Inovity can help with OS migration - booth 8175 - MODEX 2020

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