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Which Mobile OS Strategy is Right for Your Rugged Enterprise Devices?

As the battle plays out for the industrial mobile OS market, a dual OS landscape is in the foreseeable future.

The mobile OS landscape is evolving. In 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows Mobile and its predecessors—once the undisputed OS in the industrial world of rugged mobile device applications. As Microsoft shifts its focus to consumer smartphone-based Windows Embedded 8 Handheld (WE8H), and hardware manufacturers embrace both it and Android, organizations will eventually have some important decisions to make.

While industry leaders such as Zebra and Honeywell will likely support Windows Mobile even after Microsoft ends support in 2020—as will Inovity—Windows mobile applications will require programming changes to run in a WE8H environment. With Android still evolving into a true enterprise-class mobile OS, how will you know the best strategy to take? Could browser-based applications written in HTML5 be a better option for you?

What is your mobile device strategy? Inovity can help.

The mobile OS waters ahead may be troubled. Download this comprehensive white paper from our partner, Honeywell, for a look at the pros and cons of various enterprise mobile OS options.

After that, if you need some guidance navigating the sea of mobile OS decisions, contact us for a personal mobile strategy discussion. As an expert in mobile computing devices, operating systems and development methods, Inovity can ensure that you have a successful, long-term mobile plan.

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