Managed Services for Rugged Mobile Computers and Printers
Complete Lifecycle Management from Staging and Configuration Services, Asset Management, to Asset Retirement

Inovity Managed Services Helps to Reduce IT Burdens For Configuring, Supporting and Managing, Your Mobile Enterprise Assets

Lifecycle management

Making strategic capital investments in productivity enhancing IT tools is part of what allows your business to grow while improving productivity and efficiencies. Today’s IT departments are already stretched thin managing a diverse portfolio of enterprise devices and IoT assets flowing into- and out-of the enterprise. Keeping track of everything in your enterprise infrastructure, from asset tagging, installing and tracking software updates, managing hardware maintenance and repairs, tracking and locating provisioned devices, and ensuring that device firmware and software are in compliance with corporate guidelines can become a burden.

We’ve Got You Covered

With Inovity’s Managed Services for Rugged Mobile Computers & Printers, we become your IT partner from the start, with Staging, Provision, and Configuration services, Asset Management, Enterprise Mobile Device Management, and safe and secure Asset Retirement.

Adding an extra layer of service and support, Inovity Managed Services, for full device lifecycle management, reduces the unpredictability and risk with support for repairs, hardware and software migrations and upgrades, over multiple years, keeping your asset protected, with fixed support costs for spare parts and upgrade kits while providing a safe, secure, cost-effective means of disposal at asset retirement.

Staging, Configuration and Provisioning Services

We’ll configure your mobile computer so that it arrives at your site completely configured and tested and ready to use out of the box.

Inovity engineers unbox all equipment and review each device to assure full operability of each individual device, review and update operating systems and WLAN utilities to assure the device is up to date with the latest versions in your enterprise installation. We install your provided software applications such as the WMS or TE client and configure your devices to connect to your wireless network in a simulated WLAN network at our staging facility. We also can enroll your devices in our Inovity Cloud EMM Cloud powered by SOTI.

Asset Management

Never worry again about keeping track of damaged non-functioning equipment. Inovity will provide management of your asset from delivery to retirement:

  • RMA Management
  • Triage & Diagnostics for covered devices
  • Post-Repair device configuration and software loading
  • Asset Tracking from purchase to including safe and secure legacy device disposal assistance
  • Ground Shipping included when we return equipment for all covered devices

Enterprise Mobile Device Management

Cloud Enterprise Mobility Management by Inovity

We can assist you with your IT Infrastructure management with Inovity’s Cloud EMM services. We get your mobility management solution up and running in minutes and offer a single dashboard to manage hundreds or thousands of mobile devices.  We can help you manage every Android, Windows or iOS device across your buildings, your fleets, your plants, and among your workforce, without needing to setup an on-premises server or worrying about software maintenance, user setup, device provisioning, rules, profiles, packages alerts, and recovery and backup.

  • Remote Control & Help Desk
  • Locationing
  • Web Filter Policy
  • Anti-Virus / Malware protection
  • Content Library
  • Asset Management
  • Alerts
  • Reporting

Recycle old and obsolete functioning or non-functioning printers, mobile computers or any technology hardware.

Go Green!
Simple, Ethical Electronics Recycling
Download the Inovity IT Equipment Recycling Brochure

Asset Retirement

When your device has reached end-of-life, Inovity can buy-back your legacy devices and printers. Many of these items will still have a cash value and may be purchased back outright or used as trade-ins to upgrade to the latest technologies. You can leverage the full product lifecycle and use your legacy equipment to recoup some of the costs when you’re read to refresh your enterprise mobility hardware. If these items are too old and are truly ready to be fully retired, our Recycling program will securely wipe the devices to ensure that they are securely and safely recycled.

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