Get a Cash Rebate When You Trade In Older Mobile Computers

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Trade in any handheld mobile computer and upgrade to the latest Zebra mobile computers to earn a generous cash rebate!  Zebra’s rebate program lets you trade in outdated handheld devices—even competitors’ models—and get money back when you buy new Zebra mobile handheld devices. Improve performance drastically with the latest mobile computers from Zebra to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

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GO Zebra Mobile Computer Cash Rebates, Trade In Any Manufacturer Model:

New Zebra Mobile Computers Boost Productivity and Improve Efficiency

If you’re running a enterprise mobile computer that’s more than three years old, your workers’ productivity is severely diminished.  With Zebra’s innovative 1D/2D “near/far” scan engines, you can use one device to scan barcodes from 3 inches to 70 feet away—60% closer and 35% farther than the competition.

New Zebra Mobile Computer Purchase:

Cash Rebate:

MC2100, RS6000, TC55$50
TC70, TC51-HC$75
MC3200 (Windows CE), MC67, TC75, VH10$100
MC9200 (Windows CE & Mobile), Workabout Pro 4$150
MC3300, MC3200 (Android), Omni XT15, WT6000$200
MC9200 (Android), TC8000$250

“GO Zebra” Cash Rebate Trade-In Eligibility

  • Inovity is a Zebra Technologies Premier Solution PartnerDownload the GO Zebra Brochure for complete details and terms.
  • Any Zebra or competitive thermal barcode printer is eligible for the trade-in, but must power up and include the printhead.
  • For mobile computers, any manufacturers’ brand or model of mobile handheld device with a display equal to or greater than 2” is eligible to be traded-in, including Zebra, Motorola, Psion, Symbol and Telxon.
  • For batteries, batteries from select manufacturers including Zebra, GTS, Harvard, Titan/Tank, Cut Rate, Cameron Sino are eligible to be traded-in. Traded-in batteries must be comparable to the one being purchased and must be a separate line item on Inovity’s invoice. Any end user participating in Zebra’s battery maintenance or battery refresh programs is not eligible for this program.
  • Customers must purchase eligible devices (see chart) from a Zebra PartnerConnect® member such as Inovity.
  • Rebate claims must be completed online and eligible trade-in devices must be received by Zebra no later than 90 days from the date of Inovity’s invoice.
  • Rebates will be issued for each traded-in product, one-for-one, based on the number of Qualifying Products purchased.
  • You may choose to use the Go Zebra Program more than one time.
  • Go Zebra is available only to Zebra customers in the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and territories) and Canada (excluding the province of Quebec).
  • This offer is not valid when combined with any other offer, promotion or special pricing.