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If Your Field Service Workforce Isn’t Automated, Your Business Will Be Left Behind

Field service workers using manual processes cripple a businesses with errors, duplicate efforts, slow receivables and unhappy customers.

Successful mobile workforce automation brings almost immediate improvements to service organizations:  increased worker productivity, greater accuracy, lower operational costs, and improved customer service and support. This success hinges on the ability to provide your field workers with secure, real-time access to critical information and applications in the field.

Customers Don’t Want to Wait for Service or Resolution Anymore

When you empower your workers with the resources they need to be more efficient, you will see faster business transactions, improved customer service, increased revenue and happier customers. Best-in-class field service is more than just the acquisition of mobile devices. It involves a strategic understanding of service processes and the capabilities required to support mobile workforce automation. In today’s economy, customers will quickly look for different providers if service organizations perform poorly.

Inovity can help you provide your mobile workers with the tools needed to resolve issues, regardless of connection or location. Request a Free System Consultation to learn more and gain an advantage over your competitors.

Mobile workers… need to have continuous access to information regardless of their connection to a network. Being off the grid is not an excuse.

Underperforming firms still have, on average, 35% of their field processes paper-based as compared to only 27% for the Best-in-Class.

-Aberdeen Group
“Mobility Transforms Service: Resolution for the Mission-Critical”
August 2015

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Mobile Workforce Solutions Have the Greatest Impact on Labor

By giving your technicians the tools they need to perform their job more efficiently, you can sharply reduce labor costs and significantly improve productivity.
By replacing paper-based forms and communication, you can immediately realize significant benefits: Mobility Works in Field Service

  • Push work orders to the field electronically
  • Schedule service automatically
  • Route technicians dynamically based on:
    • Location and priority of the service…
    • By the experience or skills of the worker…
    • By the inventory or parts they have with them
  • Capture and store data at the point of activity
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Increase the quality and turn-around time of information
  • Perform dynamic troubleshooting in the field and greatly improve diagnostic times with immediate, on-demand access to technical reference guides and service histories
  • Improve tracking of field worker time and materials
  • Allow faster, more efficient billing and improved payment cycles by electronically documenting all services performed and parts used
  • Improve customer satisfaction (and ultimately, business profitability) by improving the turn-around time and quality of the service
Handheld mobile computers improve field operations efficiency.

What is Involved with Field Service Automation?

Mobile and wireless technologies are the foundation of field service automation solutions, along with mobile workforce software that connects your workers and your data.

  • Mobile computers or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) readers allow rapid data entry for equipment, parts and inventory control

  • Rugged mobile printers provide paper receipts at the time of service

  • GPS units pinpoint the location of specific technicians, while navigation and routing functionality reduce drive time and fuel costs

  • Wireless wide area networks (WWANs) offer real-time communication between back-end systems and remote service technicians

Return on investment for a field service automation solution can often be seen in mere months!

Inovity is an experienced provider and has implemented numerous, successful mobile workforce deployments for companies of varying sizes.

Whether you have 15 trucks or 1,500, we can bring this complete, productivity-enhancing solution to your business as well. See how one HVAC company saved over $600,000 in their first year alone.

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