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Watch productivity soar with enterprise wireless solutions.

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Connect your workforce with secure, reliable wireless networking

From 802.11n to 802.11ac,  Inovity partners with innovative industry leading wireless LAN (WLAN) providers.  Our systems engineers and systems architects work to design a WLAN configuration that reduces wireless dead spots, reduces data collection errors, integrates with your full suite of applications (including VoIP and video) and improves employee productivity.    And, when your campus and workforce are distributed, we also configure for outdoor wireless coverage, multi-site campuses, guest access and support for BYOD.  Our comprehensive, versatile and flexible WLAN solutions from Ruckus® Wireless and Extreme Networks together with our engineering expertise, ensures your wireless network infrastructure project is a success.

Extreme Networks comprehensive integrated portfolio of enterprise network and wireless products meets virtually any networking need by delivering seamless connectivity that puts real-time information in the hands of your workforce.  Extreme Networks recently acquired Zebra Technologies WiNG Wireless Networking products, offering a seamless integration for wireless solutions for indoor WLAN, outdoor wireless mesh, point-to-multipoint, point-to-point networks, voice over WLAN solutions, and AirDefense Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)  for a single-pane-of-glass WLAN security solution.

Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in network performance with flexibility, reliability and affordability.  Their combination of innovative patented features achieve the goal of delivering the most consistent and highest-speed wireless performance possible.  Ruckus bundles a managed WLAN service with broadband access or through the integration of WLANs with existing managed or unmanaged wired LANs.  Ruckus maximizes the performance of 802.11n with their smart meshing technology, dynamic user security, adaptive RF signal routing, and centralized management.

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Create An Efficient, Productive and Borderless Wireless Network

Our goal is to help your workforce be more productive.  Inovity solutions create a truly borderless enterprise; one that connects people and devices, in real-time, for full and immediate collaboration and data collection.  And, with the latest approaches to the wireless network architecture, we can simplify the delivery of business mobility without requiring a significant increase in IT resources to get the job done.

When your project involves voice, video or is a traditional data and device application, the need for a high-speed, reliable and secure wireless solution is paramount to your company’s success.  Ready to get started?  Contact Inovity today to speak with one of our systems engineers about your project.