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Advantix SmartSIM Multi-Carrier, Single-SIM Card Solution

The Advantix SmartSIM solution pairs any WAN-capable hardware that accepts a SIM card – mobile computers, tablets, cellular routers, IoT devices and more – with the best available cellular network connectivity from 3 carriers domestically (ATT, Verizon, and TMobile) and over 600 carriers worldwide all on a single SIM.

Connect handheld scanners, mobile computers, tablets, cellular routers, and more, to the best available wireless carrier with the strongest signal strength, pool device data plans in a single account, and never have to manage contract terms again.  The Advantix SmartSim SIM-card intelligently bonds to the best coverage from AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon in the U.S. and other leading providers around the globe. Giving your workforce a seamless, high-quality data connection without having to worry about carrier coverage.

Competitive data plans

Single bill

Inherent disaster recovery

Best coverage via intelligent and automatic carrier switching

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Manage Your Entire Fleet of Wireless Devices, Carrier Services, Contracts, and Monthly Spend in a Single Platform

Manage your entire fleet of wireless devices, carrier services, contracts and monthly spend in a single system as well as gain business intelligence with real-time reporting.

  • Standard data plans include 100MB, 250MB, 500MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB

  • Shared data is available. While each device requires a plan, data is pooled to buffer overages on your overall account.

  • No term contracts required.

  • There is a small one-time activation fee required.

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Simple, Smart, Single Dashboard For All Your Field Device Data Management

  • Lower Connectivity Costs — competitive pricing reduces total spend.

  • Improved CoverageSmartSim intelligently connects to the best-performing wireless network.

  • Superior Securitywith virus, malware, and content filtering.

  • Seamless Ordering and Billingsingle dashboard to manage multiple accounts, contracts, and billing with add-on services to manage activations, track zero-usage devices and cost-allocation reporting.

  • Robust Reporting & Analytics — get realtime business intelligence for all your connected wireless network devices.

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