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Sample ROI

Minutes spent per hour walking to/from a static printer or computer desk (include interruptions: e.g., chatting with coworker, etc.) 8 minutes
Average labor rate $25
Work hours/week 40
Mobile stations to implement in facility 5
Avg. cost of cart $2000
Hours saved per year (when walking is eliminated) 1,386.67
Dollars saved per year (when walking is eliminated) $34,666.67
Months to pay back cart purchase: 3.46


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Mobile powered carts bring immediate labor savings

Now more than ever, businesses have a greater need to improve efficiencies and raise productivity levels. Adding mobile powered carts and mobile industrial workstations to your warehouse, distribution center or retail floor can save your business thousands of dollars per year.

Eliminate unnecessary walking

Using a mobile, battery-powered cart will eliminate the unnecessary walking between a dock and a fixed printer/computer desk. Bring immediate productivity gains to your business by implementing powered cart solutions:

  • Eliminate employee footsteps, increasing time on the job and productivity
  • Reduce costly interruptions (like chatting with co-workers); workstations stay with operators at all times
  • Improve accuracy of picked and shipped items
  • Alleviate improper labeling and inaccurate inventory counts
  • Provide continuous access to real-time data and business information

Powered Carts Brochure

Make the most of employee time. Where can battery-powered carts be used?

Powered Cart Warehouse Girl

  • Receiving
  • Cross-docking
  • Put-away
  • Returns
  • Picking
  • Shipping
  • Hospitals/healthcare
  • Retail shelf labeling
  • Inventory

By eliminating just 8 minutes from an hour of walking time back and forth to a computer or printer, you can save $7,000 per year. Add 10 carts and save $70,000 annually!

Unique features of powered computer carts

Mobile  With a small footprint, all units can be maneuvered easily, anywhere in your facility

Powered  Integrated power packages let you power a variety of equipment, including computers, industrial printers, bar code scanners and more—for hours

Adjustable & Ergonomically Designed  Unique, slotted masts give operators the ability to adjust shelf and accessory height to the most comfortable position

Modular  Numerous, optional accessories, such as keyboard trays and post mount LCDs, are available and can be easily integrated in seconds for a highly versatile workstation

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As an integration partner with mobile cart manufacturer, Newcastle Systems, Inovity can bring complete mobile workstation solutions to your business. Take a Free Mobility Audit and learn if powered carts are right for you!