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Wearable Computers and Scanners Introduce Revolutionary Productivity and Accuracy Gains

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, yet rugged wearable computers allow for streamlined warehouse and package-handling functions. Workers armed with real-time, hands-free mobile computers achieve new levels of error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy.

In applications that demand the constant use of hands, wearable systems give workers the hands-free convenience to handle more tasks, while keeping the technology needed to further improve productivity and accuracy right at their fingertips—including barcode scanning and mobile computing.

The advantage of freedom of movement is clear. Without having to constantly juggle a handheld computer, workers’ hands are always free and ready to pick the next item or package—resulting in fewer disruptions to workflow.

Picking is one of the most labor intensive warehouse functions, and pick accuracy can make or break your customer relationships. Inovity has improved the efficiency of warehouse workers for many clients. We can help you improve your productivity as well. Contact us today to learn more.

Wearable Computers and Scanners Keep Workers’ Hands and Eyes on Their Tasks

Many common workflows require users to handle goods with one hand or frequently pick up, set down (and sometimes misplace) mobile or scanning devices. Companies involved in transaction-intensive applications like picking, crossdocking, receiving, and replenishment can achieve real improvements in daily productivity with wearable computers. By implementing wearable computers and scanners into your workflows, you potentially can save 5 seconds per transaction. That translates into 8.3 minutes saved per shift.

  • Comfortable, lightweight ergonomic designs allow for increased worker productivity—workers can complete more tasks in day

  • Increased order accuracy—your customers can count on accurate shipments

  • Faster delivery times—productivity improvement enables order fulfillment times to decrease

  • 15% increase in worker productivity

  • 39% reduction in packing and picking errors

  • Minimal training required—wearables features and functions are intuitive so new staff are up and running in a day

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