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Rugged Tablets Are Built To Work
Wherever Your Work Takes You

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Rugged tablets are uniquely designed to accomplish business in any setting:

 Outdoors in inclement weather
 In dusty, hot warehouses
 On the manufacturing floor
 On the road in delivery vehicles
 In the aisle of retail stores…

Inovity has the experience to help you select the best device for your business needs.

Contact us today to learn how mobile computing with durable tablets can help you meet your growing mobile workforce demands.

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Purpose Built Rugged Tablets

With the power of a desktop PC, the intuition of a touch screen and the mobility of a handheld device, a rugged tablet is the perfect form factor for anywhere in the supply chain, healthcare workflow or factory floor.  And with a variety of accessories, point-of-care solutions and attachment options, a durable, purpose-built tablet will increase workforce productivity while providing portability, security, power and versatility anywhere in your work flow.

While the choice of mobile solutions for your workforce are wide, few options can meet your needs for business-critical hardware, software, accessories and service plans than a durable tablet. Too often, consumer-grade devices—not designed for enterprise use—can introduce unforeseen complexities and hidden costs, even though their initial acquisition price appears to be lower.  Learn more about consumer vs. industrial devices.

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Rugged Tablets

Significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Durably built to survive drops, heat, dust, cold, and wet conditions

Displays optimized for inside the four brick walls or outdoors

Exceptional audio quality in loud environments

Seamless roaming and lightning-fast connectivity for full speed workflows

Best-in-class barcode and RFID scanning capabilities

Full shift battery power

Solid security options

Operates on the latest Android® or Windows® operating systems

Longer committed build cycle with longer post sale support for maintenance and upgrades

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Go Zebra equipment trade-in program

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