Fixed and Handheld RFID reads from Honeywell and Zebra Technologies
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Gain visibility and automate processes with RFID Handheld & Fixed Readers

Fixed, mobile and handheld RFID readers help you achieve maximum visibility into your enterprise assets, from the warehouse and loading dock, to indoor customer-facing and carpeted environments.

With RFID at the forefront of innovation, the benefits of RFID on ROI are well documented by major industry adopters in retail, by hospitals, in pharmaceuticals production and for compliance tracking, and many other types of manufacturing, it is important to consider if this technology is the correct solution for your business and for the problems you are trying to solve.

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Zebra RFID Handhelds, Sleds, Readers

Zebra’s RFID At-a-Glance Brochure


MC3190-Z Handheld Mobile Computer

The MC3190-Z extends the benefits of RFID beyond industrial spaces and into customer-facing and business environments.

MC3190-Z Spec Sheet


MC9190-Z RFID Handheld Reader for US-based Frequencies

Your supply chain awareness will reach new heights with a rugged RFID reader, writer and barcode scanner, all in a single device built on Zebra’s high-performance RFID reader engine.

MC9190-Z RFID Spec Sheet


FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader

Zebra’s FX7500 fixed RFID readers, which combines the latest enterprise features in a compact design, is ideal for space-constrained environments and applications like retail inventory and enterprise asset management.

FX7500 Spec Sheet


FX9500 Fixed RFID Reader

Zebra’s FX9500 fixed RFID reader, is a top of the line execptionally accurate high RF sensaivity reader.  Designed to handle large volumes of RFID-tags in RF-challenging environments.

FX79500 Spec Sheet


Zebra DS9808-R – Next-generation hybrid presentation imager with integrated RFID

The DS9808-R is the first combination 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader, and the first combination handheld/hands-free UHF RFID reader.

DS9808-R Spec Sheet

Honeywell RFID Handhelds, Sleds, Readers

Honeywell 70 Series RFID

The 70 Series RFID mobile computers combine advanced RFID reading and a no-compromise design with best-in-class ruggedness, battery life, and ergonomics. Three models to choose from: CK70 RFID, CN70 RFID and CN70e RFID.

70 Series RFID Data Sheet 

Honeywell IP2L

This snap-on module is suitable for short-range RFID applications where WWAN connectivity is required, including mobile, field-based asset tracking and maintenance verification solutions in oil and gas, heavy industrial and more.

IP2L Snap-on LF/UHF RFId Reader Data Sheet

Honeywell IP30

An add-on passive UHF RFID handle solution for long-range applications in both industrial and enterprise environments. Use it to add mobile RFID read/write capability to the CN70/70e, CK70, CK71, or CK3X mobile computers.

IP30 Handheld RFID Reader Data Sheet

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