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Cold Storage Mobile Computers Built to Perform in the Most Demanding Conditions

Where Harsh Environments Demand The Right Equipment

freezing thermometerUnless mobile computers, barcode readers and wireless networking equipment have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments, the level of their reliability will fall right along with the temperatures.

Cold air, frost and condensation create a specific challenge for rugged mobile computing equipment. The insulation used to keep refrigerated and frozen storage areas cold also poses problems when it comes to wireless connectivity and battery life. Today’s cold storage mobile computers are built not only to withstand prolonged use in the cold, with robust battery life, but more importantly, are designed for transitioning between cold and warm locations.

Low temperatures don’t have to mean reduced reliability and productivity. Inovity can offer mobile computing solutions for cold-temperature environments such as cold storage, cold storage environments, freezers, ski resorts and other outdoor recreation, and harsh temperature/year-round field service.

Mobile Computers for the Cold Supply Chain Are Designed to Function in Sub-Zero Temperatures Day-in and Day-out with Full Shift Nonstop Functionality

  • Designed for workers moving from the freezer to the warehouse, even outdoors, cold storage mobile computers are designed with built-in heaters and defrosters to ensure reliable performance by preventing the build up of frost, condensation, and fog on displays

  • Sealed casings provide strong moisture protection ensures the device is protected against moisture from condensation, misty conditions, or even splashing water

  • Full range of communication options rated to work in subzero temperatures:
    —WLAN connectivity for workers inside the enterprise
    —WWAN for workers outside the four walls
    —Batch for off-line processing
    —WPAN for connectivity to peripherals, such as printers and headsets

  • State-of-the-art battery technology allows for batteries to operate in the lowest temperatures for maximum runtime capacity without the cold accelerating battery discharge

  • Larger keypads and wider touchscreens allows your workers to use gloved hands

  • Bright illumination rated for inside in low light, to outside in the full-sun

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Mobile Computers for the Cold Supply Chain from Industry Leading Manufacturers

Zebra Mobile Computers for the Cold Chain

  • Designed for the most extreme environments—subzero cold to exposure to splashing liquids, even environments with hazardous materials

  • Enterprise Class Android O with support through OS Q

  • New expanded range imager captures barcodes from as close as 3 inches up to 70 feet

Freezer-Grade MC9300 Mobile Computer

Zebra MC9300 Handheld Computer
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  • Larger advanced touch screens—works when wet with a stylus or finger, even with gloves

  • Higher capacity batteries rated for sub-zero temperatures for longer run times on a single charge

  • Increased WiFi range, speed and security—802.11ac/w

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Honeywell Mobile Computers for the Cold Chain

  • 31% thinner and lighter than leading devices in the ultra-rugged class, designed for the most demanding environments—subzero cold to extreme heat and exposure to splashing liquids as well as hazardous conditions where non-incendive devices are a requirement

  • Faster chipset with Enterprise Class Android, with the longest lifecycle in the industry— support from Android O through Android R, plus additional security updates after Google’s last patch

  • EX25 Near/Far High-Performance 1D / 2D imager, scans as close as 6 inches up to 50 feet

Freezer-Grade CK65 Mobile Computer

Honeywell Dolphin CK75
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  • Designed for warehouses, manufacturing, cold storage up to -30°C (-22°F)

  • The touch screen and scan window are equipped with heaters to support use for extended periods in and out of freezers

  • A 4″ WVGA large touch screen along with either a 38-key numeric or 51-key alphanumeric key pad

  • 28 hours of battery life, supports three shifts on one charge with hot swap technology allows workers to change the battery without rebooting the device

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