Mobile Comuters that work in cold storage and cold harsh environments.
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Cold storage mobile computers

Built to perform under demanding conditions

Unless mobile computers, barcode readers and wireless networking equipment have been designed with features required specifically for use in cold environments, the level of their reliability will fall right along with the temperatures.

Cold air, frost and condensation create a specific challenge for rugged mobile computing equipment. The insulation used to keep refrigerated and frozen storage areas cold also poses problems when it comes to wireless connectivity. Today’s cold storage mobile computers are built not only to withstand prolonged use in the cold, but more importantly, transitioning between cold and warm locations.

Low temperatures don’t have to mean reduced reliability and productivity. Inovity can offer mobile computing solutions for cold-temperature environments such as cold storage, cold storage environments, freezers, ski resorts and other outdoor recreation, and harsh temperature/year-round field service.

Mobile computers from Honeywell are specifically designed for rugged, cold-temperature performance and prolonged use in cold, moist and freezing conditions:

freezing-thermometerFeatures & Benefits of Rugged Cold Temperature Devices:

  • Large keys, ideal for gloved hands
  • Bright defroster screens go from outdoor dock to dark freezer without condensation
  • Internal heaters and special battery packs to optimize the operating life of the product and usability as operators roam in and out of refrigerated environments

Any hand-held computer can be carried in a case or holster, but that superficial protection doesn’t render the device suitable for prolonged use in cold temperatures. True rugged cold-temperature computers use parts, materials and manufacturing processes specifically designed for the environment.

Do you have a cold-temperature application? Contact Inovity today. A mobile computing specialist can make recommendations to improve performance in your challenging environment.

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