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Machine Vision Cameras Deliver Automated, Accurate Product and Parts Inspections—and Never Take a Coffee Break

Machine Vision Cameras on the production line are the key to reducing and catching product defects and improving product quality.  As manufacturers face increasing pressure from the dramatic increase in eCommerce orders and shorter order fulfillment cycles, they need reliable industrial automation solutions to automate labor-intensive processes.

Machine Vision Cameras from Zebra capture images at impressive speeds and translate that information into actionable insights for your workforce. So, whether you are an automotive manufacturer in need of complex quality inspections of DPM (Direct Part Marks), or a pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to automate pill quantity inspections for accurate fill levels before they leave your facility, Zebra’s Machine Vision Solutions deliver accurate, high-speed, easy-to-use industrial automation systems for a wide variety of applications.

Machine Vision Cameras can inspect hundreds–if not thousands–of parts per minute.  While human inspection is important for qualitative decision-making and interpretation of unique situations, human inspectors can become distracted, need multiple breaks, and may not be able to keep up with production line speeds.  Machine Vision Cameras and systems can process large amounts of data at very high speeds and with near-flawless accuracy, making them ideal for manufacturing lines, distribution centers and assembly-line operations.

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Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners

Machine Vision Cameras and Sensors from Zebra

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VS2Machine Vision Smart Sensor 

Zebra VS20 Machine Vision Smart Sensor

The compact VS20 Smart Sensor lets you easily integrate machine vision into your network for essential quality control inspections or for validating assembly and tracking information.

  • PRZM Intelligent Imaging technology for capturing 1D or 2D barcodes on any surface or condition
  • Supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for reduced set-up complexity and cost
  • Built-in camera status LEDs let workers immediately see if a decode was successful or not
  • Ultra-rugged IP65 sealed aluminum housing that is resistant to chemicals and oils
  • Use Statistical Triggering to make critical pass/fail decisions with multi-image statistics
Download the VS20 Spec Sheet

VS4Machine Vision Camera 

Zebra VS40 Machine Vision Camera

The VS40 Smart Camera is a perfect match for complex image capturing requirements. Tailor the device to your exact needs with flexible options for decode distance, illumination, power connectivity and more.

  • Quick and easy setup that includes an Auto-Tune feature for dialing in the perfect image with a push of a button
  • High-power PoE+ support lets you power more peripherals while reducing setup complexity and cost
  • Includes 9 programmable I/O ports for those needing greater flexibility for their applications
  • Rugged aluminum body and IP65/IP67 sealing capable of handling high-power washdowns and immersion in water
Download the VS40 Spec Sheet

VS7Machine Vision Camera 

VS70 Machine Vision Camera

The highly customizable and ultra-rugged VS70 Smart Camera from Zebra addresses your unique inspection needs where wide-angle, zoom or other special lensing is required.

  • Capture 1D, 2D and DPM codes on any surface, regardless of condition, as well as OCR human readable characters
  • Use any standard C-mount lens to achieve the range, depth and field of view that your application requires
  • Compatible with external lighting solutions to ensure high quality images are taken in low contrast, curved or reflective environments
  • Designed for industrial spaces with an aluminum body and IP65/IP67 sealing
Download the VS70 Spec Sheet

Looking for Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners instead?

Zebra’s Machine Vision solutions eliminate the need for multiple cameras, external lights and complex custom code by automatically creating up to 16 images in one trigger event to inspect parts and products.  If you need to track barcoded products or containers moving down a high-speed conveyor line, check out how Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners can scan hundreds—or even thousands—of items per minute!

Zebra Aurora™ Software—One Platform to Manage it All

Zebra’s unique Aurora Software is the only single, unified management platform capable of controlling Zebra’s entire portfolio of Machine Vision Cameras and Fixed Industrial Scanners. Aurora makes device setup and deployment simple and is specifically designed for both beginners and expert users.  With built-in tutorials and walk-throughs using “Learn-As-You-Go,” users can get a quick grasp of the different features and functions without the need for extensive training and ramp-up time.

Zebra Aurora Software Dashboard
Zebra Aurora Software ImagePerfect+ Screenshot

This feature—available only with Zebra’s machine vision cameras—allows you to capture up to 16 (yes, 16!) images per trigger event and lets you customize your camera settings for each image captured. Simply adjust your settings for image exposure, gain, and illumination so you can get the perfect image each time. 

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Zebra Aurora Software Golden Image Compare Screenshot

The Golden Image Compare feature lets you quickly diagnose any product defects or barcode labeling issues. Simply select an image taken from a live machine vision camera and get a side-by-side comparison with the Golden Image you created during initial setup. This lets you quickly determine the root cause of a problem—from a dirty lens or misaligned camera to a barcode label that was incorrectly placed on an item. 

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Zebra Aurora Software on Desktop Screen

Give your operators actionable intelligence without the need to buy and install a PC at every workstation. The HMI Dashboard lets you see and interact with all your machine vision data via a web browser or by directly connecting a monitor to any Zebra machine vision camera—helping reduce overall costs of your IT architecture. 

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How are Businesses Leveraging Machine Vision Technology?

Download the Zebra Machine Vision white paper for a closer look at how manufacturers and logistics companies are transforming their operations by capitalizing on the latest advancements in machine vision technology. 

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