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Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners Boost Speed and Accuracy on Production Lines

To meet the increasing demands and timelines of partners and customers, today’s businesses need reliable industrial automation solutions for key production and distribution processes. Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to track finished products moving down a conveyor line, or a distribution center looking to track pallets moving throughout your warehouse, a fixed mount barcode scanner system can bring new levels of efficiency and cost savings to your business.

Zebra FS40 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Forklift Warehouse Application

At Inovity, we take the time to understand your existing processes and IT infrastructure before recommending the most advanced fixed mount barcode scanner solutions for high-speed, conveyor-based barcode reading and product verification. Our team of industrial automation experts will specify the latest solutions available for reading virtually every type of barcode symbology, every time, with unsurpassed read rates.

Whether you need simple and straightforward capture of barcodes on package labels, or complex capture of printed and direct part marked barcodes of varying sizes at varying distances, Inovity can recommend a fixed mount barcode scanner built to meet your needs.

Plus, Inovity has an extensive background integrating industrial automation solutions in a wide range of manufacturing and warehousing applications. You will see immediate improvements in production with fixed mount barcode scanners that are simple to set up, deploy and run in industrial environments.

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Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners from Zebra Close Operational Gaps and Improve Efficiency with Intelligent Automation

Human errors are often the cause of many inefficiencies in today’s complex supply chain environments.  One little mistake can bring entire production lines to a screeching halt, resulting in costly downtime.  Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners are designed to minimize human error with smart, automated scanning technology that’s faster and more precise than any manual processes.  And, with one single, unified software platform to manage Zebra’s entire portfolio of fixed industrial scanners and machine vision cameras, getting new users set-up and trained has never been simpler.

The additional beauty of Zebra’s fixed mount barcode scanners is that they are built from the ground up to be upgraded to Machine Vision Cameras at any time.  With this unique, Zebra-only device architecture, you can extend the lifecycle of your equipment as your needs change—with just a simple license upgrade.

So, if you only need to capture 1D and 2D barcodes with fixed mount barcode scanners today, but need to capture DPM (Direct Part Marks) or OCR (Optical Character Recognition) text information tomorrow, you don’t need to retire devices early due to lack of functionality.  This is a unique and superior advantage that delivers unsurpassed return on your industrial automation investment.

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Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners

FS10 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Zebra FS10 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Zebra’s compact FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner delivers the anywhere, anytime plug-and-play high-quality scanning you need to track your products as they move through the manufacturing production line, warehouse and distribution center. 

  • Integrated USB port for plug and play functionality with any laptop, tablet or PC 
  • Designed for industrial environments with rugged aluminum body and an IP65 sealing 
  • Built-in status indicator LEDs let workers see if a decode was successful 
  • Easily upgrade this device to support more symbologies, faster scanning speeds and machine vision tools 
Download the FS10 Spec Sheet

FS20 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Zebra FS20 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Easily integrate high quality scanning into your network to enable real-time tracking of every product moving through the manufacturing production line, warehouse and distribution center with Zebra’s FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner. 

  • Multiple connectivity options enable easy integration into a PLC or host network  
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) simplifies setup complexity and deployment costs 
  • IP65 sealing and aluminum body that’s resistant to chemicals and oils, making it a perfect fit for industrial environments 
  • Easily upgrade this device to support more symbologies, faster scanning speeds and machine vision tools 
Download the FS20 Spec Sheet

FS40 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Zebra FS40 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

The FS40 provides the flexibility to meet the comprehensive requirements of today’s complex production and delivery processes. Its full feature set raises the bar for easy network integration, simplicity, advanced data capture and return on investment. 

  • High power PoE+ to power more peripherals and a USB-C port for limitless accessory options 
  • Powerful integrated lighting to illuminate objects without the need to purchase external lighting solutions 
  • Ultra-rugged aluminum body and IP65/IP67 rated sealing built to handle high power washdowns and water immersion 
  • Easily upgrade this device to support more symbologies, faster scanning speeds and machine vision tools. 
Download the FS40 Spec Sheet

FS70 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

Zebra FS70 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

The FS70 sets the bar for ultimate customizations that help you achieve flawless tracking in virtually any application and environment. Address the most complex applications with 2.3 MP or 5 MP sensors in either monochrome or color. 

  • Ultimate customization with four image sensor options and a wide range of C-mount external lens and lighting options  
  • 360° indicator LEDs that can be seen from any angle, allowing you to easily monitor camera results 
  • Nine programmable I/O ports for added application flexibility and three different powering options using PoE+, USB-C or a 24V DC power supply   
  • Easily upgrade this device to support more symbologies, faster scanning speeds and machine vision tools 
Download the FS70 Spec Sheet

Looking for Machine Vision Camera Systems Instead?

While Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners track barcoded products or containers moving down a high-speed conveyor line, Machine Vision Systems use cameras to determine simple absence and presence of a product, as well as perform complex defect detection with high-speed visual inspection of parts and products.  Check out Zebra’s Machine Vision Cameras, which can create up to 16 images in one trigger event!

Zebra Aurora™ Software Platform – One Platform to Manage it All

One of the top reasons businesses are hesitant to adopt industrial automation systems is due to the overall complexity of setting up new products and the extensive training required to ramp up new users.

In many cases, businesses will avoid upgrading outdated systems altogether due to a perceived fear of major disruptions to their current operations.  To combat this issue, Zebra’s Aurora Software was developed as an easy-to-use, unified platform capable of managing the entire portfolio of Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Cameras.  The Aurora Software Platform allows you to seamlessly transition from high-throughput scanning jobs to jobs that require visual inspections of parts, all without starting from scratch or retiring viable devices before their time.

Zebra Aurora Software Dashboard
Zebra Aurora Software Desktop Screen

Easy-to-use modern interface helps reduce the time to integrate and train new users. With simple navigation for first-time users—while still having advanced capabilities for experts—you don’t need to spend time hunting for specific features or functions. Everything is just a click or two away.  

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Zebra Aurora Software on Desktop Screen

Whether you’re a new or experienced user, Zebra’s Aurora Software can guide you through initial set-up, to performing certain tasks with product walk-throughs, to videos that provide a comprehensive overview of the software’s different toolsets.  

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Man Using Zebra Aurora Software Platform on a desktop computer

Aurora offers easy device monitoring with direct connections to each fixed industrial scanner currently in use. And with the ability to connect from any web browser, operators won’t need to buy and install a computer at every workstation, helping simplify your solution architecture while reducing overall IT spend.  

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Cognex Fixed Mount Barcode Scanners 

Inovity also a Cognex Partner System Integrator and offers advanced fixed mount barcode scanners from Cognex for high-speed, conveyor-based barcode reading and verification.  The Cognex DataMan product line improves manufacturing quality and performance by identifying defects and providing tracking information at every stage of the production process.  Featuring advanced technology with multi-core processing power, flexible modularity and ease of use, fixed mount barcode scanners from Cognex are the perfect match for your most challenging manufacturing and logistics applications.

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