Smart Wi-Fi everywhere from Ruckus Wireless and Inovity.

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71% of all mobile communications flows over Wi-Fi, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance

Ruckus® Wireless Smart Wi-Fi Technology

Inovity Wireless Solutions - a Ruckus Big Dog ResellerWith a product offering in hardware as well as cloud-based solutions, Ruckus Wireless provides adaptive next-gen high speed performance along with their patented adaptive antenna array.

  • Improved signal range to eliminate coverage holes
  • Self-organizing and self healing adaptive meshing to simplify deployment
  • Affordable systems that provide one of the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership
  • Better client throughput at range through the use of dynamic beamforming and beamsteering
  • Active interference rejection that mitigates packet loss and ensure stable client connectivity and consistent performance
  • Complete end-to-end management – both indoors and out – across on-premise equipment, access nodes and backhaul devices

With Ruckus Wireless and Inovity you get a solution that reduces wireless dead spots, reduces data collection errors, integrates with your full suite of applications (including VoIP and video), provides outdoor coverage and coverage for adjacent buildings, guest access and support for BYOD.   Request a system consultation today.

Smart Enterprise WLAN

ZoneFlex Indoor/Outdoor WLAN combines smart meshing, dynamic user security, adaptive RF signal routing, 802.11n, and centralized management – all within a secure, scalable, and simple-to-use platform.

Patented Smart Wi-Fi antenna array technology provides extended range and adaptive signal steering, for the most reliable Wi-Fi.

Predictive real-time capacity channel selection is one of the industry’s most effective approaches to channel selection resulting in up to 50 percent better performance.

Optimum signal path selection, interference mitigation, and auto RF management, for a consistent user experience.

Smart Mesh Networking eliminates the costly and cumbersome task of pulling Ethernet cable wherever you want access points.

State-of-the-art security from 802.1x support to Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys, all the latest link layer encryption and authentication mechanisms.

High-performance dual-band 802.11n access points (meshed or wired) that delivers consistently high-performance at range to new 802.11n and legacy 802.11a/b/g clients.

Better coverage with fewer access points.

Configure in minutes and installation in hours.

Smart Wi-Fi access points that can be flexibly deployed with or without a Smart WLAN controller.

Controller stays out of the data path of wireless LAN clients and handles management traffic only.

Smart Wi-Fi access points handle all control traffic and probe requests/responses, as well as the data path between wireless clients.

Smart ZoneDirector Controllers

A  smart LAN controller that allows you to centrally manage your WLAN using the Ruckus Smart/OS on a simple and straight forward centralized WLAN software system with a highly-intuitive web user interface.

Adaptive wireless meshing.

Sophisticated user access controls.

Automatic traffic redirection.

Integrated Wi-Fi client performance tools.

Simple guest networking functions.

Rogue AP detection and advanced Wi-Fi security features.

Flexible WLAN grouping.

Authentication support.

Robust network management.

SmartCell Access Points

The Ruckus SmartCell™ Series represents a completely new class of outdoor access point (AP) technology designed specifically to address the capacity and siting challenges mobile operators face in deploying HetNets in dense urban environments. It is the first high-performance dual-band 802.11n outdoor AP with integrated LTE (or 3G) small cell support. By integrating small cell support with 802.11n technology into the Ruckus SmartCell, the mobile operator can provide both a Wi-Fi and LTE (or 3G) underlay to offload heavily congested macro cellular networks in dense urban environments.