Mobile Barcode & Receipt Printers from Zebra Technologies and Honeywell
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Mobile Printers for Barcode and Receipt Printing

A broad range of wireless mobile printers help increase employee productivity and accuracy by enabling printing on-site and on-demand inside and outside the 4-walls

Whether you need to print barcode labels, receipts or tickets, mobile solutions increase employee productivity and accuracy with on-the-spot printing. Improve efficiencies in your warehouse, shipping and receiving processes, shelf pricing and merchandising, payment processing, and field workforce by using mobile printers.

When reliability, durability and performance are required for on-the-move worker, Zebra & Honeywell mobile printers are an affordable option, offering an easy-to-operate solution. With next-generation connectivity and easy to use, state-of-the-art features, you can rely on maximum throughput, the highest print quality and easy manageability that keeps your business moving. Well-suited for a variety of industries with low- to medium-volume printing applications, at the point-of-activity inside or outside the 4-walls:

  • Fleet Management

  • Field Service

  • Field Sales Automation

  • Proof of Delivery and Pickup

  • Cross-Docking

  • Parking Violations

  • Quick & Efficient Checkout

  • Customer Experience

  • Receiving and Putaway

  • Picking, Packing, Staging and Shipping

  • Direct Store Delivery

  • E-Citations

ZQ300 Series Mobile Printers

Download the ZQ320 Series Printer Spec Sheet – For printing inside the-four-walls

Download the ZQ320 Series Printer Spec Sheet – For printing outside the-four-walls

The new ZQ320 Series mobile printer is a small mobile printer that can handle the elements, generate high quality receipts or barcode labels in practically any environmental condition, guarantee power for the longest shift, with a ready-to-use remote management solution — all at a price that won’t break the bank. The ZQ320 provides the perfect footprint — slim, lightweight, compact and never in the way. One of the most rugged and versatile mobile printers in its class,  with full shift battery cycle life and 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0, and the ability to manage the printer with Zebra’s Link-OS for better performance and printer management.

QLN Series Mobile Printers

Zebra QLN Series Mobile Printers

Download the QLn Series Printer Spec Sheet

The Zebra QL™ family of direct thermal mobile label and receipt printers has a proven drop-resistant durability; user-friendly, productivity-boosting features printers are small and light enough  to be easily carried on a belt clip or trolley and especially suited for healthcare providers to deliver labels at the point of care.  Whether you choose the QLn220™ for print widths up to 2 inches or the QLn320™ for 3-inch-wide printing, the next-generation of QLn small, rugged thermal label and receipt printers are easy to manage and maintain.

Additional Spec Sheets
QLn for Healthcare Mobile Printer Spec Sheet

ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Zebra ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers

Download the ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers Spec Sheet

Zebra’s ZQ500 series mobile printers are optimized for on-demand receipt printing in transportation & logistics and government, the ZQ500 Series can also produce labels for a range of applications. These printers can withstand the drops, bangs, bumps, accidents and environmental extremes that are common in mobile workplaces—making them ideal for on-the-go employees whose productivity depends on maximum printer functionality.

IMZ Series Mobile Printers

Zebra IMZ Series Mobile Printers

Download the iMZ Series Mobile Printers Spec Sheet

Zebra’s palm-sized iMZ printers have support for Bluetooth® connectivity to Apple® iOS, as well as Android™, Windows® Mobile and BlackBerry® platforms. Print Touch™ simplifies Bluetooth pairing and launches web-based help pages with Near Field Communication (NFC)-enabled devices to provide a trouble-free user experience. Regardless of your choice — a smartphone, tablet or handheld — Zebra’s iMZ220™ and iMZ320™ printers are there to support your
2-inch and 3-inch receipt and label* printing business needs.

ZQ 110 Mobile Printer

Zebra ZQ110 Mobile Receipt Printer

Download the ZQ110 Mobile Receipt Printer Spec Sheet

As Zebra’s most compact printer, the pocket-size ZQ110 weighs only 0.5 lbs. It can withstand drops to concrete of up to 4′ and, when paired with the optional carrying case, meets IP54 rating. The ZQ110 prints 2-inch receipts at speeds up to 3.5 inches-per-second and is designed with “sleep mode” to conserve battery power. “Made for iPod®/iPhone®/iPad®” (MFi) certified, the ZQ110 also supports Bluetooth® or wireless connectivity to a range of Apple®, Android™ and Windows® devices.

NiceLabel Zebra Print Drivers Download

RP Series

Honeywell RP Series Rugged Mobile Printers

The RP Series mobile printers offer the most rugged and reliable performance for route accounting, direct store delivery, citation printing, car rental return receipts and field service workers. Frequent drops, vibration and exposure to dust and water are just a few examples of the regular abuse that mobile printers endure. The RP Series printers are designed to withstand these harsh conditions
and give you years of reliable thermal receipt and label printing.

RLE Series

Honeywell RLe Series Rugged Mobile Printers

The RLe series of Honeywell rugged and reliable portable receipt printers that are durable direct thermal printers with a rugged design and reliable performance backed by a free 2-year warranty.

PR Series

Honeywell PR2-PR3 Series Durable Mobile Receipt Printers

The Honeywell PR Series mobile receipt printers are designed specifically for mobile field professionals who need all-day comfort and durability.  The lightweight and compact PR3 and PR2 durable mobile receipt printers are the perfect fit for your agile workforce. The PR series printers connect seamlessly via secure Bluetooth® 2.1, Wi-Fi, USB or IrDA to produce receipts on demand. The addition of MFi cerification simplifies pairing to Apple iOS devices, and integrated Near Field Communications (NFC) technology makes the Bluetooth pairing process quicker than ever.

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