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Industrial Color Inkjet Printers— Eliminate Preprinted/Flexo Labels with On-Demand, Color, High-Speed, Variable Printing

On-Demand Color Label Printing with Variable Data

Affordable Color Now Available with Epson Industrial Color Inkjet Label Printers

For many warehouses, distribution centers, and retail organizations, black and white thermal label printing is the standard.  When color is needed for particular labels, such as warning messages, compliance to specific codes or just to draw the eye to particular label, those labels had to be ordered pre-printed or flood-coated with color, then loaded into the printer and printed a second time.

For many businesses, inkjet printers were not an option. The quality of print and longevity of the media was not up to the same standard as thermal transfer printed media. Many business who required color labels would stock specific pre-printed labels for each item. Today, the quality of inkjet printing has caught up with high quality media and new inks that provide durable long lasting results. The labels produced by new ink jet color label printers have been thoroughly tested and shown to withstand even harsh industrial environments, including the achievement of BS5609 Certification on select media.

With industrial color inkjet printers, printing full-color product labels, on-demand, you can easily create durable industry standard labels with barcodes and product information, in high resolution, glossy, long lasting ink, in a single print-process.

Color label printing can compliment and improve your business.  Read how in this Epson white paper:

Using the Impact of Color in Labeling to Grow and Improve Business

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Espon C7500 ColorWorks Inkjet Label Printers

  • High gloss and high quality images that complement products and add color to critical compliance labels

  • Rugged design with reliable performance and minimal maintenance

  • High-volume printing with Epson’s Just In Time Color™ labeling applications

  • Up to 50% lower printing costs than with thermal transfer or laser printers

  • Up to 600 DPI high-speed full color labels with variable data at up to 11.8″ per second

  • Durable labels that won’t smudge, smear or fade

  • Seamless integration with built-in ESC/Label language

Epson ColorWorks C7500
for Matte & Synthetic Media

Download C7500 Inkjet Data Sheet

Epson ColorWorks C7500G
For High Gloss Printing On A Wide Variety of Media

Download the C7500G Data Sheet

Epson ColorWorks C7500GE
Bundled with Wasatch software and a 1 year on-site Warranty

Download the C7500GE Data Sheet

Color Labeling Can Improve Operations

Reduce errors in processes and procedures – Color labels can increase comprehension of information by as much as 73%

Increase efficiency of production – Color can be used to improve learning of tasks, processes, and procedures from 55% to 78%

Improve communication – Color used appropriately can better communicate technical information from production staff to management, co-workers, and customers by focusing attention, grouping elements, and effectively distinguishing important information from its surrounding context

Epson Colorworks Product Label Printers

Get High Resolution Color Labels in Seconds

  • High gloss, high quality images
  • High resolution printing
  • Razor sharp barcodes, text, lines and graphics
  • High saturation color design delivers stunning product labels

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