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Zebra’s MC9300 Freezer-Grade Mobile Computers—
Ultra-Rugged, Android Devices for Cold Environments

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Freezer-Grade Mobile Computers—Zebra’s MC9300 Industrial Cold-Rated Devices Improve Cold Chain Management

Zebra MC9300 Freezer-Grade Mobile Computer wCold Icon
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Extreme temperatures found in coolers, refrigerators, chillers and freezers require highly-specialized devices. The intense cold of these environments slows displays and drains most batteries.  Plus, condensation can be created when a mobile worker moves back and forth from a freezer to a hot and humid loading dock.

Zebra’s MC9300 freezer-grade mobile computers are engineered for superior performance in difficult, cold-storage environments with dramatic temperature swings.

  • Heated scanners
  • Freezer-rated batteries
  • Cold- and humidity-monitoring sensors
  • Large keys & touchscreen for easy use with gloves
  • Eliminate condensation when moving between warm and cold areas

Improve cold chain management with freezer-grade mobile computers from Zebra and Inovity.

Rugged Freezer-Grade Mobile Computers for Uninterrupted Productivity and Reduced Downtime

As the most rugged MC9000-series device ever created, the freezer-rated MC9300 is ready to outlast virtually every cold-temperature mobile device in its class. The MC9300 is designed to withstand the severe condensation that occurs when workers are traveling between the freezer and warm areas with high humidity. With tougher drop specs, faster charging and twice the battery run time of the MC9200, you get the convenience of a combination touchscreen/keyboard device for use in cold temperatures with gloved hands.

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Zebra MC9300 Freezer-Grade Mobile Computer