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Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners Boost Speed & Accuracy on Production Lines

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to track finished products moving down a conveyor line, or a distribution center looking to track pallets or packages moving throughout your warehouse, Zebra’s fixed-mount barcode scanners can bring new levels of efficiency to your business.

If you need simple capture of barcodes on package labels or complex decoding of printed and direct-part marked barcodes of varying sizes at varying distances, we can help.

Zebra FS40 Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner Forklift Warehouse Application

Inovity’s team of industrial automation specialists can recommend advanced fixed-mount barcode scanning solutions for high-speed, conveyor-based barcode reading and product verification.

Plus, Inovity has extensive experience integrating industrial automation solutions in a wide range of manufacturing and warehousing applications.  Contact us to schedule a discussion.

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Machine Vision Camera Manufacturing Inspection

Looking for Machine Vision Cameras instead?

If you need to inspect products moving down a high-speed conveyor line, check out how Machine Vision Cameras can catch product defects in hundreds—or even thousands—of parts per minute!

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