Connected Plant Floor: Visibility & Control Throughout Your Facility

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A Connected Plant Floor has Operational Visibility & Control Across the Facility

Achieve a Connected Plant Floor with Inovity Cloud EMM — Enterprise Mobility Management

Cloud Enterprise Mobility Management by Inovity

Most operations managers and IT departments are stretched thin.  Few have time to coordinate, implement, install and manage an accessible, scalable and secure a mobile management platform.  With Inovity Cloud EMM, you will be able to manage every Android, Windows or iOS device across your plant floor, buildings, your fleets, and among your workers—without setting up a server on-premises or worrying about software maintenance, user setup, device provisioning, rules, profiles, packages alerts, recovery and backups.

Inovity Cloud EMM reduces your IT infrastructure needs and lets you manage hundreds or thousands of devices—plus content, applications and email—through one single interface, anywhere in the world.

✔︎  Inovity installs and configures the EMM/MDM cloud software

✔︎  Device management up and running in minutes, not days or weeks

✔︎  Inovity performs user setup

✔︎  Inovity creates user profiles

✔︎  Inovity creates device rules

✔︎  Inovity can build your installation packages

✔︎  Inovity deploys packages on your behalf

✔︎  Inovity provides alert setup

✔︎  Inovity sets up data collection rules

✔︎  Inovity handles OS maintenance with SOTI licensing

✔︎  Inovity provides all backups and disaster recovery

✔︎  Inovity ensures compliance

✔︎  Restore devices instantly after service

✔︎  Add Zebra LinkOS-enabled printers and manage them too!

✔︎  Choose to give Inovity device access for real-time technical support from System Engineers

MDM Devices

x  No server setup

x  No server licensing costs

x  No server maintenance

x  No software maintenance

x  No backups needed

x  No cloud license minimums

x  No IT staff time needed to configure, provision or restore devices

x  Eliminate hours of reconfiguration time after devices are returned from repair

x  No mobile device configuration skills needed

x  No worries!

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Cloud Enterprise Mobility Management by Inovity

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